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How to Navigate a Home Remodel During COVID-19

how to navigate home remodel during covid-19

If you’re like most homeowners, COVID-19 probably caused a lot of life changes in recent weeks — including changes in plans for your home addition. At Action Builders, we recognize that even though your home remodeling project is important, the safety of your family is your number one priority.

We share your safety concerns and yet understand how a quality home remodel will help you stay in the home you love long term. Here are some practical ways you can move forward with your home addition while keeping your family safe.

Should I Hire A Home Remodeling Contractor Now?

If you’re concerned that the coronavirus has disrupted the beginning stages of your beautiful new home addition—don’t worry. There are several steps to the home remodeling process that you can accomplish from the safety of your home, including contactless interaction with your contractor.

The following project elements can be accomplished over video chat, email, phone, or online to prepare for your home addition before construction begins:

1. A contractor helps you build a plan

Your home remodeling project should start with a plan, including a clear goal, design inspiration, and an outline of work to be completed.

A design specialist using the design-build process can join you in brainstorming options for your home addition needs, and help you determine what’s best for your budget, home space and lifestyle — entirely through digital programs and online conversations. Most homeowners have lots of questions. Now is the time to ask them.

Homeowners can also take advantage of their remodeling contractor’s services to create blueprints, and apply for zoning permits.

2. A contractor helps you nail down your budget

Before searching for contractors, you will want to determine how much you plan to spend on your project. This may depend on what you’ve saved in cash for the project, what financing you qualify for, or even the expanse of your project. Keep in mind that your budget should include the cost of labor, materials, and decor. Take a look at the Cost vs. Value in Pittsburgh to get an idea of how much your particular project could cost. And if you’re looking for financing options, a trusted contractor may have options available for consideration.

After deciding on a budget range, start getting price estimates from design-build contractors, to save money in the long run. At Action Builders, we start with a ballpark estimate. These are rough numbers based on similar projects done in the past, and our general knowledge from being in the business for decades.

Most remodeling contractors will provide cost estimates using an online form and a 1-hour consultation to get an idea of what you’re looking for. There are lots of handy apps that assist with taking measurements as well. Be sure to ask your project consultant about what programs they use to make formulating a plan and budget easy — for you and them.

3. The right contractor makes your home remodel easy.

Besides providing cost estimates and design options, there are other things you’ll want to look for to hire the right contractor. Most home remodeling companies are offering virtual consultations on video or over the phone to ensure your safety during COVID-19.

Your consultant will work with you to find the right home addition solutions for your Pittsburg home and may instruct you to send photos of your home to be measured virtually. After listening to your wants and needs, your consultant will send a customized digital proposal for your review.

This selection process for contractors gives you peace of mind about moving your project forward while still preserving your family’s health.

4. The right contractor provides a projected timeline.

After creating a budget and hiring your contractor, it’s time to plan your project timeline.

You may not be ready to commit to a start date for your project during COVID-19 — and that’s okay! You can still work with your contractors over the phone or a video call to make plans for after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. They can help you determine how long each portion of your project will take, as well as discuss whether you should live in your home or possibly make other arrangements during the renovation process.

Once you have prepared your timeline, your home is ready for construction! Now you can relax and wait until it is safe for your contractor to begin working on your home.

How Can I Work Safely with My Contractor?

Even after stay-at-home orders lift, homeowners should use good judgment when interacting with contractors to stay safe during the construction period of their project.

When hiring a contractor during the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners should consider asking about the following:

  • Virtual consultations — Ensure that your home remodeling company will meet virtually with you until it is safe and allowable to meet in person. Doing this can help prevent disruptions from your home addition.
  • Cleanliness practices — Inquire about the cleanliness and sanitation practices used by your home remodeling company. Hand washing, sanitizing the work area, and social distancing practices will all help to keep you and your family safe during construction.
  • Sick employee policies — Verify that the home remodeling company you are working with has a system to keep sick employees from coming to work. If one of your family members is not feeling well, reach out to your contractor to discuss adjusting the work schedule or timeline.

Plan Your Home Remodel Past COVID-19

You shouldn’t have to delay your home renovation out of fear for your safety. That’s why at Action Builders, we are providing safe and reliable ways to help you move your home remodeling project forward during COVID-19.

Our team can help you plan now for your new home addition or home remodel. Call or email us to schedule a virtual in-place consultation today.