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4 Factors that Influence the Cost of a Home Addition

What Determines the Cost Of A Home Addition

Do you feel like your family has outgrown the space and functionality of your home, but you dread the thought of moving to a new neighborhood? We understand. A home addition is an excellent solution for homeowners who wish to expand or update the home they already love.

With over 30 years in the industry, our team at Action Builders has helped hundreds of homeowners expand their home space with beautiful, functional, and structurally-sound home additions.

We know that homeowners will want to know the average cost of a home addition before making such a significant investment. The following four factors may influence the cost of your home addition or renovation.

1. Layout and Design

Does your home have a simple or complex layout? The more complicated your floor plan is, the more time it will take for your contractor to complete your project, increasing labor costs.

Many homeowners choose to simplify and expand their home’s layout with a multi-story addition, moving their house both up and out:

Many homeowners want a rear-kitchen addition for their first-floor addition, which expands the kitchen to create a better flow and more space in your home’s layout.

A master bedroom ensuite is a popular option for a second-story addition. According to the 2020 Cost vs. Value report, the variance in price depends on the bathroom fixtures, flooring, counters, cabinets, and other features you wish to include.

Other homeowners may choose to rework unusable upstairs space into an extra bedroom or bathroom for guests or children.

If you are unsure about the most affordable and beneficial way to modify your home’s layout, don’t worry. Action Builders will work with you to create a beautiful space that works within your budget and lifestyle needs.

2. Custom Features

The features included in your home remodel will have a significant impact on the cost of a home addition. For example, a kitchen or bathroom addition often costs more than a bedroom or a great room because of the installation of the appliances, cabinets, and countertops.

According to the 2021 Cost vs. Value report, the cost of a kitchen remodel can greatly vary even before including the cost of a kitchen addition.

A bathroom remodel can be a large investment; adding an extra bathroom on both levels of your home can substantially increase this.

The cost drastically fluctuates depending on the features included in your home remodel. Upscale, custom features for your home are an excellent and enjoyable investment. Still, they will cause an increase in the overall cost of your home remodel.

3. Size of Addition

The overall size of your home and home additions are factors to consider when determining the cost of your project. However, even though the price of a whole-home remodel will be more expensive for a bigger house, some rooms will be more pricey than others to remodel.

For example, the owner of a small home may pay more to remodel one bathroom than the owner of a large house will pay to expand their great room significantly. The reason for this is that a bathroom has more custom features (counters, cabinets, plumbing connections, etc.) than a great room. Even though the great room expansion is more significant in size, the bathroom is more expensive to remodel because of its features.

Although the size of your home additions will impact your total cost, it may be more helpful to think in terms of the types of rooms you want to remodel or add to your home. HomeAdvisor’s cost calculator is an excellent tool to help determine the overall cost of your home additions.

4. Location

The location of your Pittsburgh home impacts the overall cost of your home addition or remodel due to the following factors:

Labor Costs

Contractors must be paid a fair wage for the area in which you live.

Shipping Costs

The materials you choose for your home addition or remodel must ship to your location. The accessibility of these materials will impact the overall cost of your project.

Access to Site

A home expansion or remodel requires a lot of machinery and building materials. The more difficult it is to move these things to your home, the more expensive your project will be.

Many homeowners overlook these costs since they are not directly tied to the price tag of the home addition or remodel. Still, they are essential to factor in when considering the price of your project. At Action Builders, we save you time and money by following the design-build model, which keeps your designer, engineer, and contractor in one place!

Get Real Solutions for Your Home’s Space with Action Builders

We understand how intimidating and overwhelming home additions and remodeling can seem for you and your family. That’s why at Action Builders, we work hard to assess your current home and provide accurate cost estimates for the design that fits your family’s lifestyle. We provide clear communication from the very start, so you feel confident in our process and the end result of your project.

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