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Designing your dream house can be a challenging experience. Learn more about our design-build process for your next home remodel!

Our Superior Design-Build Process in Pittsburgh

Our Design-Build Services Make It Easy To Have The Home Addition You’ve Dreamed Of!

Have you been dreaming about turning your current space into a gorgeous, spacious home? Now you can! We know transforming your current house into the home you have always dreamed about can be an intimidating process. The idea of taking on the major remodel or addition needed to make your Pittsburgh area home everything you want can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

Design And Build Your Addition With Expert Craftsmanship.

At Action Builders, we specialize in additions and whole home remodels, and with over 30 years of experience transforming houses to meet our clients’ needs, we are ready to help. While every project is unique, our experienced craftsmen know how to approach renovations with expert skill and a respect for your existing home. We have seen it all, so no matter how dysfunctional your current space may appear, we can truly transform it into the home you desire.

The Design Process

Design is where it all begins! Building a home addition can be both exciting and intimidating. At Action Builders, we believe that great planning and design eliminates those worries and creates a smoothly running project. Our team will tackle your home’s challenges and uncover its potential.

Initial Consultation Phase of Planning for Design Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we walk through your home, discussing your initial thoughts on where an addition makes the most sense. While some Pittsburgh homeowners already have an idea of what they want, this is our time to open the lines of communication with you as a homeowner, figuring out your space and your needs.

Step 2: Ballpark Pricing

After the initial consultation, we put together some ballpark pricing, based on our discussion of your needs and wants. Since most homeowners have never done an addition project before, this general pricing can help you make an informed decision regarding if the remodel makes sense for your home.

Gathering rough estimates of pricing for home remodeling project

Step 3: Review Costs & Financing Options

Homeowners either pay cash or find financing for their additions. After receiving the ballpark pricing, it’s time to evaluate your personal finances or speak with banks about financing options.

Step 4: Design Agreement

After receiving financial verification, we move to the design agreement. This agreement allows us the time needed to research the existing conditions of your home and begin drawing the floor plans. Typically, we complete one or two revisions to get to the final floor plan for the project.

Step 5: Scope of Work & Project Costs

Upon completion of the final floor plans, we complete a scope of work with the actual costs involved. The scope of work (SOW) is essentially the contract for the project and requires homeowner approval.

Step 6: Signed Contract, Deposit, & Schedule

Once the scope of work is approved, we require a signed contract and deposit to hold your spot on our schedule. (Typically, projects are scheduled 3 to 4 months in advance.) We finish our current work before starting any new projects, meaning any start date is an estimate.

Step 7: Permit Drawings & Engineering Is Completed

Upon contract signing, permit drawings are completed and engineering is stamped. We then apply for the permit and work directly with the municipality on any revisions they require.

The Selection Process

Step 1: Material & Finish Selections

Between contract signing and the start of construction, the goal is to select as many finishes as possible. The exact layout is completed and tile, flooring, cabinets and finishes are selected. This helps projects run more smoothly, without the rush of decision-making during construction.

Step 2: Finalizing Materials

We ensure that the selected materials and their specifications are approved before moving forward with the construction phase.

Building materials up next to design files ready to be compared and included in the design build process of this home

Step 3: Construction Start

Once our current projects have ended and all permits have been received, construction will begin!

The Build Process

Once design is completed, the building process can begin. This is where you get to see your dreams come to life. Our expert craftsmen bring the highest quality of work to renovations, from demolition to the finishing touches, and we work with the Pittsburgh area’s leading product distributors to ensure a superb job every time.

Step 1: Foundation & Dirt Work

This is the most important part of the project. The foundation must be right! We start by installing a solid footer with block, along with drainage and grading.

Step 2: Framing & Interior Demolition

Our carpenters will install the exterior floor, wall, and roof framing. Once watertight, we will move to the inside to install dust protection and complete interior demolition and framing.

Step 3: Rough-in Mechanical Work

The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work is laid out and installed according to the construction drawings and your selections.

Step 4: Exterior Finishes

While the subcontractors are working on the inside, our carpenters are working on the outside. This phase is when the siding, roofing, and any brickwork get completed. If there is a deck or patio, they will also be installed at this time.

Step 5: Insulation & Drywall

Once the mechanical work is roughed-in, checked, and inspected, the insulation will be installed followed by drywall hanging and finishing.

Step 6: Painting

We paint all walls and ceilings prior to installing flooring or trim to eliminate any overspray or damage to other finishes.

Step 7: Tile & Wood Flooring

After all the walls and ceilings are painted, the bathroom tile is set, and hardwood flooring is installed and finished.

Step 8: Cabinets & Interior Trim

This is what you have been waiting for — the kitchen cabinets! The cabinets are installed by the same carpenters that build them. Interior doors are hung, window trim installed, and baseboards applied.

Step 9: Final Finishes

Kitchen countertops, plumbing fixtures, backsplash tile, appliances, and electrical fixtures are installed. Trim paint and wall touch ups are also addressed. Once final inspections are performed, it is officially time to start enjoying your new addition!!

The Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Company

Wondering if it’s better to hire a Design-Build Company or an architect? Action Builders follows the Design-Build model, and here’s how that benefits your home addition project.

1 | Budget-Friendly Design

Create a beautiful space that works within your budget and lifestyle needs.

2 | Sound Structural Design

Integrate the style of your home in your addition while retaining sound structure.

3 | Streamlined Process

From design drawings through construction, keep everyone on the same page.

4 | Save Time & Money

Avoid redesigning by keeping your designer, engineer, and contractor all in one place.

5 | High-Quality Craftsmanship

Have the freedom to make changes as needed so your new space fits your lifestyle.

6 | 5-Year Workmanship Warranty!

Confidently backing our services, we offer a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty that stands unmatched by any competitor.

Let’s Get Building

It’s time to give the home you love the attention it deserves, with intimidation-free design-build services. Let Action Builders partner with you to imagine your Pittsburgh home’s potential and see it come to life.