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5 Compelling Reasons to Move or Add a Staircase in Your Home

5 Compelling Reasons to Move or Add a Staircase in Your Home

Are you ready to add a second-story addition or create a more spacious, open layout in your home? If so, you may be concerned about overcoming one troublesome barrier—your staircase. 

Often, staircases aren’t placed in an intuitive location or are a cumbersome obstacle for you and your family. If you’ve ever wished you could move your staircase to create more usable spaces in your home—you’re in luck! 

Can I Really Relocate My Staircase?

You may be surprised to discover you can relocate your staircase during your home remodeling project—but yes, it is possible!

Action Builders can help homeowners improve their house’s functionality and accessibility by relocating or building new staircases during larger remodeling projects. Keep reading to learn why relocating your staircase might be a great (or necessary!) task during your home remodel or addition.

Why Relocate Your Staircase During Your Remodeling Project

There are many benefits of relocating your staircase, including improved ventilation, added room for storage, extra living space, and more. Learn more about the compelling reasons homeowners move their staircases below.

1. More Storage Space

When you move your staircase to another part of your home, you can use the vacant space for whatever needs your home and family currently have. Many homeowners relocate their staircase to improve their home’s layout, but you can also install a closet or shelves if you’re hard-pressed for storage space.

Often, staircases are located near the home’s kitchen and living room, so when they’re moved, the former staircase can become a useful space to store games, movies, bulky kitchen appliances, or other items you need to keep easily accessible in these rooms.

2. Create a Spacious Layout

Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to improve its functionality, increase your home’s value, and add modern appliances, fixtures, and features to your cooking space. However, there’s often one element (literally) standing between you and your brand-new kitchen—your staircase.

Many historic home styles, like Cape Cod and Colonial homes, have staircases dividing the kitchen and the living room, making your layout feel cramped. If you’d like to opt for a contemporary open concept, relocating your staircase is a great way to maximize the space in the rooms you use most often in your home—your kitchen and living areas.

3. Make Your Staircase Easier to Use

The way your staircases were installed initially can make them difficult for elderly, disabled, or younger family members to use. When you move and remodel a staircase, you can increase the length of the steps, make the stairs wider, or add a mid-flight landing to make it easier to use for every member of your family.

4. Create Room for a Home Addition

If you expand your home with a spacious addition, you may need to relocate your staircase to provide an accessible entryway into these new rooms.

Perhaps you’ve added an entire second-story addition to your home, and you need a brand-new staircase to reach the second floor. Or maybe you’ve added a new master bedroom upstairs, and you need an additional landing added to your staircase to enter the new bedroom.

5. Meet Local Code Requirements

Sometimes, it’s necessary to move or rework your existing staircase after remodeling to meet building codes. Staircases must meet minimum requirements for headroom clearance, vertical rise, riser height, tread depth, and more.

Whether you’re building a new staircase or moving an existing one, it’s crucial to work with an expert local contractor to ensure your staircase is safe to use and meets code requirements specific to Pittsburgh.

Create the Space You Want and Need in Your Home with Action Builders

Many homeowners think relocating their staircase will add significant time, money, or hassles to their remodeling project, but this is a misconception we’re happy to debunk.

We don’t believe your staircase should stand between you and the home of your dreams!

That’s why we do what other contractors say “can’t be done” by relocating, expanding, or reworking your staircase during your home remodeling project to create a functional, spacious layout that serves you and your family’s unique needs.

Learn more about our home remodeling services to discover how we can work with you hand-in-hand to help you get exactly what you want in your home remodel!