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Can I Live in My Home While the Addition is Being Built?

Pittsburgh home with an addition being constructed.

For most standard home addition projects, homeowners don’t move out of their house unless a contractor is touching a large amount of their existing space. Yes, there may be some discomfort while living in your home during construction, but it is usually the simplest option.  

During the design phase of your home addition, our team at Action Builders will give a detailed scope of work of what we will be doing and can help you decide if it makes sense for you to stay or move out of the space while it is under construction. 

Read on to gain valuable insight so you can plan ahead. 

Stay at Home or Make a Temporary Living Arrangement During Construction

How comfortable are you with being a little uncomfortable temporarily?

  • Something to consider regarding your living arrangements during construction is what your personal preferences are, and how comfortable you are with being a little uncomfortable. 
  • If you understand your house will not be as clean overall as it normally is, and you are comfortable with that, then you’ll likely be comfortable living in your own home during construction. 
  • Realize you will need to store your favorite heirlooms and breakable décor temporarily for their protection, so your house won’t look like it usually does. If you don’t mind that while construction is underway, you’ll probably be fine living in your own home while your addition is being built. 
  • Our team does their best to implement dust and floor protection, but if you are having a large renovation, then your house will be a little dusty no matter what they do. If a little dust escapes the barrier, and you are ok with that, then it’s fine to live in your home during construction. 
  • Most homeowners live in their homes during construction, but the project’s scope has a great deal to do with that decision. Sometimes it just makes sense for you to move out of the house in order to keep construction moving along smoothly.  

Are you building a second-story addition or doing a massive interior renovation?

  • If a large amount of your existing house is under construction, it may be wise to move out while the work is done. 
  • Some homeowners want to live in their basement during major construction. Keep in mind that mechanical workers will need access to all of the ductwork and plumbing, so your basement will not be a quiet place to reside.  

How to Plan Ahead to Live in Your Home During Construction

If you decide to stay on-site during construction, implement some creative solutions and devise a plan. Talk with everyone in your household about what they can expect, and enjoy the journey! 

Take your time finding the right builder for your addition

The first obvious step is having a builder you can trust to do the job with excellence and who you feel comfortable having in your home. At Action Builders, we are proud to be a trustworthy design-build company. We take your project from initial consultation through the completion of your construction, working with you the whole way. We design according to your budget and help allocate your funds to the parts of the project that will get you the most bang for your buck. Our sales process is not complicated with fancy presentations. We are good at what we do and let our work speak for itself!

Ensure the safety of your family 

If you have toddlers or pets, install gates to keep them safe. Spend time elsewhere during the day if possible. 

Have a lock box installed 

If you aren’t home daily when the construction crew needs to start working on your home, consider installing a lock box so they can enter and begin working. 

Agree on the hours the construction will take place in your home

If the construction crew works from 7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., you’ll know what time you will have to yourself in your home each day so you can enjoy the evening. 

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Enjoy the Home Addition of Your Dreams

A home addition from Action Builders will transform your current house into your dream home, enhance your lifestyle, and create the ideal space for you and your family to enjoy life. Take a moment to learn more about our home addition services today!