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How to Fix and Budget for These 7 Common Basement Remodeling Problems

How to Fix and Budget for These 7 Common Basement Remodeling Problems

If you’re running low on space, you’ve likely considered the pros and cons of moving versus staying in your home. Of course, you can add a first-story or second-story addition to your home instead of moving away. However, many homeowners prefer to renovate a space that’s already available—the basement! Perhaps your basement is currently where […]

Don’t Start Your Basement Renovation Before Considering These Crucial Factors

Basement Renovation Tips

Are you considering a basement renovation? If so, you’ll be happy to discover it’s an excellent way to add value to your home while providing your family with additional space. Instead of using your basement solely for storage, you can transform the lower level of your home into a bedroom, gym, theatre, or kid’s playroom. […]

Remodel or Move? How to Decide.

Remodel Or Move

If you’ve outgrown your current home, you might be considering a move within the next year or two. Despite your need for more space, you might be having doubts about moving—whether that is because of the financial implications, stress, or personal impact that moving will have on you and your family. Thankfully, moving isn’t the […]

How Much Will It Cost to Remodel My Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodel Pittsburgh Cost

If you are considering a bathroom remodel for your home, you are probably looking forward to adding beauty and functionality to your bathroom space. However, between labor cost, materials, and amenity upgrades, it can be overwhelming to determine the cost of your bathroom remodel. Here is a realistic cost estimate and some essential cost factors…

The Cost of a Kitchen Remodel and How to Budget Best

The cost of a kitchen remodel and how to best budget

A kitchen remodel is one of the most popular and rewarding home remodeling options. From spacious kitchen islands and farmhouse features, to luxury stone countertops and smart home appliances, the options available to increase the value, beauty, and functionality of your kitchen are seemingly endless. If you have been considering a kitchen remodel for your…

4 Factors that Influence the Cost of a Home Addition

What Determines the Cost Of A Home Addition

Do you feel like your family has outgrown the space and functionality of your home, but you dread the thought of moving to a new neighborhood? We understand. A home addition is an excellent solution for homeowners who wish to expand or update the home they already love. With over 30 years in the industry, […]