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Design and Build: The Yin and Yang for Your Home Remodel in Pittsburgh

The Yin and Yang for Your Home Remodel in Pittsburgh

The Yin and the Yang are well-known concepts from ancient Chinese philosophy. Seemingly opposing concepts, they are, in reality, actually attracted to one another and complement each other.

These forces are equal and directly relate to one another, such as light and dark or cold and hot, and need to find balance with one another to achieve harmony. As one force decreases the opposing force increases, but they are always seeking to find the perfect harmonic balance.

At Action Builders, we see this same need for balance in home addition process—from design to build.

How the Design and Build Phases Work Together in a Remodel

Oftentimes, completing a whole-home remodel can become imbalanced. With some processes and companies, the emphasis falls heavily on construction, leaving design lacking, while other companies will focus more on the design aspect, running out a budget quickly and not leaving room for quality craftsmanship—creating an imbalance.

Design and build are two entirely separate actions that, when you take a closer look, are closely related and need each other for a successful home remodel project. They are the Yin and Yang of construction.

When a home additions contractor uses these seemingly opposing parts of the construction process in tandem to create a design-build process, harmony can be struck in a remodel and the job will be completed successfully.

When they do find harmony, it can make your home project smooth, seamless, and easy.

Actions Builders’ Yin Yang Design-Build Process

Action Builders’ relationship between the design team and Randy with the build team has utilized this viewed of the Yin and the Yang. As the team has grown and evolved, that concept has stayed the same and has been the basis of the company’s most successful projects.

Here is how Actions Builders utilizes the dualism of Yin Yang to make a Pittsburgh home remodel successful.

The Yin

Action Builders design team (Yin) has a combined 35-plus years of design experience, which makes a huge difference in the success of Action Builders’ projects.

1. The Starting Point

The first appointment is scheduled with the project coordinator, who has a unique eye for renovation. That, combined with the company’s experience in renovating older homes in the Pittsburgh area, allows the team to walk into a home and immediately envision the options available.

Two of the earliest questions from the coordinator are usually related to:

  • what you need out of your renovation or addition project
  • your budget

While anything can be done with unlimited time, money, and resources, the scope of a project will always depend on how much the homeowner is willing to spend.

How the Yin Meets the Yang:

One of the biggest pros of a design-build company is the ability to design to a budget. By applying a balance of Yin (the design) and Yang (the build), design-build companies have been able to overcome the challenges of the old construction system and can easily cut out weeks of back and forth with revisions and value engineering because design-build projects are designed to fit the budget from the start (harmony).

Once a project has been designed and the final floor plans are on paper, a construction contract can be signed.

2. Selection Phase

The project then moves into the selection phase with an Action Builders designer, where we assist homeowners in choosing materials and finishes that best suit their style desires and budget. Our designers have years of experience in high-end residential and hospitality design with a fine eye for color and details. All of these characteristics set Action Builders apart from any standard contractor in the area.

We provide homeowners a custom design service, bringing samples to their homes, accompanying them on shopping trips, and overseeing the entire selection phase, including pricing the options so that costs stay within budget allowances for the project.

How the Yin Meets the Yang:

The design team (Yin), follows the project through the construction phase (Yang) to make sure what was promised to the homeowner is followed through to completion. Your designer works more on the details during the construction and is responsible for providing the crews with accurate information on all finish selections and miscellaneous details of the project. The Yin and Yang become intertwined during construction and work hand in hand for the most successful projects.

The Yang

The Yang is the Build team doing the work out in the field. Action Builders has been doing residential remodeling for over 30 years and has several main crew leads who have been with the company for nearly (or in some cases more than) 20 years. Experience is the name of the game with remodeling, because with every project comes new challenges or issues that need to be addressed. With a seasoned crew that’s used to working together and knows how to handle a variety of situations, Action Builders will approach your project with the eyes of experience and know-how to anticipate issues before they even become problems, keeping the homeowner from unnecessary stress during construction.

How the Yang Meets the Yin:

Our Action Builders’ Yin Yang combo allows the design process to provide the research and information necessary to complete the build phase successfully. It also keeps us working together efficiently.

With our two equal teams communicating properly, your Pittsburgh whole-home remodel will experience balance—and success. You’ll see a constructed remodel stay on budget, fit your design desires, and be constructed with quality and precision.

You Don’t Have to Live With a Constricting, Non-functional Home Space

When your current home is no longer serving you well, you have access to a successful Pittsburgh home remodeling solution. Create a beautiful, functional home that you can love and remain in for years to come.

The Action Builders’ team works hard to assess your home and provide accurate costs. You’ll know exactly what process to expect in your Pittsburgh remodel. See our featured projects from happy homeowners that have worked with us. They’ll give you specific renovation examples, design ideas and a ballpark budget for a project you have considered.