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Empty Nester? A Guide To Remodeling Your Newly-Gained Space

empty nester a guide remodeling your newly gained space

The day has finally come — your kids have flown the coop and you have the house all to yourselves. Whether you have been dreading this day or not, becoming empty nesters means that for once, your home is all about you!

It’s time to give your home an update, tailoring the empty spaces to your desires as well as increasing your home’s value. But before you hire an experienced design-build contractor, check out our guide of 9 empty nester renovations you should consider for your home.

1. A Larger Master Suite

With the kids gone, it’s time to finally perform a home remodel, and it can begin with that master suite you’ve always wanted. Utilizing now-empty space, you can expand the overall room size and add onto that bathroom (or attach one to the space if you do not already have one). You can create the perfect his-and-her closets by knocking out walls.

Give yourself space for a seating area, and renovate the bathroom space to have a walk-in shower and large tub. The ultimate goal is to create a space to relax and recuperate after a long day.

2. A Guest Suite

One of the most common home renovations after the kids leave is turning an empty area into a guest room. However, it’s nice to provide your guest with more than a simple space. Whether you previously had a guestroom or not, it’s nice to give guests a suite of their own for when they come to stay.

You can utilize your empty rooms to create a larger guest room and even add an en-suite. If room permits, add a place for your guest to sit and relax. Try to utilize the spaces farthest from the master bedroom to give both yourself and your guests some privacy.

3. Open Concept Living Space

No more kids at home can leave you with a bunch of extra time for entertaining. Open concept spaces provide the perfect sightlines for entertaining large groups at home. It’s time to open up your kitchen, dining, and living room areas. But constructing an open concept space is more than just knocking down walls; it’s creating a cohesive design.

Consider installing a large kitchen island with a bar for additional seating and prep space. Keep the flooring consistent throughout all of the rooms. And if the budget permits, update the look of the spaces to your current style. But you don’t have to stress over renovating your major living spaces. Check out our tips to making your home remodel stress-free.

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4. Media Room

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Creating an entire media space that includes soundproofing, seating, a sound system, and a screen can really add to those movie nights. This also adds a space for entertaining both large and small parties. Think about renovating to include a bar or snack area.

5. Hobby Room

Hobby rooms are a popular empty nester’s trend. An empty home also leaves you with more space and more time to invest in the hobbies you love, and you deserve to invest in them. Create a craft room, music room, man cave, art room, library, or whatever aligns with your specific passion. It’s time for home renovations tailored to yourselves.

6. Office

Update an empty room into your office. Whether or not you work at home, it’s nice to have a space to go where you can focus and get away from the worries of your household. If you are self-employed, a truly dedicated work space can even become a tax deduction. (Speak with your tax advisor for more information.)

7. Home Gym

Having to purchase a membership and drive to a gym every day can feel extremely demotivating. But when you bring the gym to your home, it’s easy to get that workout in. Creating an at-home gym can be as simple as purchasing the proper workout equipment, or you can really design the space by adding a walled mirror and a bar/kitchenette area for holding drinks or creating a post-workout shake.

In two-story homes, consider putting the gym on the first floor for noise purposes, if the space is available.

8. Large Laundry Room

In most homes, the laundry room gets shoved into the basement or a small closet. Utilize your new space to create a grand laundry room complete with sorting and folding areas and lots of storage space. If your new laundry room is on the first floor, you can even consider installing a chute to eliminate lugging those pesky baskets around.

9. In-Law Suite/ Aging Parents Renovation

It’s not uncommon for the kids to move out and to soon after have your parents move in. Rather than opt for assisted living, many homeowners desire to give their parent the option to age in place, and newly empty spaces provide the perfect area to create an in-law suite for your parents.

But aging in place will require more than creating a suite space for your parents. It often requires remodeling other aspects of your home. Check out some great ways you can renovate your home for your aging parents moving in.

The Perfect Empty Nester Home Renovations

Experience the beauty, function, and potential your home really has. Give yourselves the perfect home remodel, now that your kids have flown the coop. Action Builders follows the Design-Build Contractor model to help you design home renovations for your empty nester needs. Check out our home remodeling services or schedule a consultation with our team to get design ideas best suited for your family and home.