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4 Steps That Make a Big Home Addition Easy

4 Steps Make Big Home Addition Easy

You love your Pittsburgh home. You love the memories you’ve created within its walls and the life it is helping you build. So when your home runs out of space to fit all your needs, the best solution is a well-designed home addition so you can remain in your home.

At Action Builders, we know how stressful and overwhelming the home addition process can feel, but it doesn’t always have to. Just take a deep breath, and know that with a little help, your dream addition can become a reality.

Simplify your addition process with these 4 steps:

By implementing a few easy steps into your new home addition build, you can take the process from intimidating to simple and easy.

1. Identity Your Needs

Before striking out on building your home addition, it’s important to identify what purpose (or purposes) your addition needs to serve. Why are you choosing to build a home addition? If you are looking to add more space, don’t just stop at this thought process. Why does your family and life need more space?

Whether it’s a bathroom addition, sunroom, extra bedroom, or a plethora of other additions, what lifestyle needs should this room fulfill?

Function is the most important element to understand before undergoing the addition process, and recognizing how best a new space can function to meet your needs will make the process flow more smoothly. When the design and building phase begins, the process can feel overwhelming, and it is easy to lose track of your room’s true purpose. But by clearly defining your needs beforehand, you can stay on track and keep the addition build stress to a minimum.

2. Define Your Style

Clearly defining your taste before the home building process begins helps focus your attention on getting the addition of your dreams. Providing your choice contractor with a clear picture of your style will aid in the design process and can better help lead you to the right choices in colors and finishes.

Clear communication is essential to making your home addition match your desired taste. So be able to clearly explain your style preference.

Pinterest or a vision board can be valuable tools in determining your exact taste, layout, and fixture preferences. When pinning room inspiration, keep in mind what you like when it comes to:

  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Materials
  • Design and Layout
  • Fixtures and Finishes

Having a clear picture of how your addition should look and feel will keep you on track to having the exact addition you have been thinking about. It will also give you an idea of how to get the new addition to flow with your already existing home, making it look like it was always meant to be there.

3. Implement a Budget

How much are you willing to spend on your new home addition? This is one of the most important questions you have to ponder before jumping into your addition project.

Budgets tend to get thrown out of the window due to a lack of planning. So think ahead. Preparing yourself for every aspect of a building project will help keep your money safe and ensure that you will have enough to finish the project correctly.

While fixtures and upgrades are the fun items to budget for, there are many items to factor into your financial plan. You may want to spend more on your choice of insulation or other unseen items. Don’t forget to budget for:

  • New Foundation
  • Electric
  • Plumbing
  • Fixtures
  • Contractor Fee
  • Insulation
  • Windows

Plan now to keep your money on track later.

4. Hire the Right Contractor

The quality and integrity of every addition project falls on the shoulders of the contractor. The right contractor can also make the entire addition process less stressful by helping configure a design that fulfills all of your needs and wants. The contractor then sees your home’s unique design through the planning and building phase. Do your research to be sure you are hiring a contractor who specializes in large construction projects.

Get an addition to fit your needs.

At Action Builders, the home addition process is all about you and your needs. We work closely with you as a homeowner, listening to your desires and implementing them in our design process.

The home addition process does not have to be difficult. Let us help make it as easy as possible. Contact us at (412) 835-3543 to schedule a free consultation today.