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How to Estimate the Cost of a Home Addition Before You Start

How to Estimate the Cost of a Home Addition Before You Start?

Who doesn’t want more space in their home? The idea of giving your family more room and a beautiful place to live is likely the reason you’ve opted for a new home addition or a home renovation.

If you’ve done any research on addition projects, you know that new structures come at a cost, but you want to have a close idea of what you are going to pay.

With a little time and research, you can get a solid estimate.

Type of Home Projects

The cost of an addition depends heavily on the type of project. Your addition may be a completely new structure built on to your home, or it may be an attached addition.

Here are the most common forms of major home renovations:


This is one of the most frequent forms of home additions. Depending on location and fixtures, bathroom prices vary. However, bathroom remodels have consistently grossed the highest return on investment of any home improvement.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and can never have too much space. A kitchen remodel increases more than just home value; it elevates lifestyle. The cost depends on appliances and fixtures chosen for the space.


Useable outdoor space is what makes a sunroom a great option for an addition. Sunroom costs can vary greatly, depending on the amenities and whether the foundational structure already exists.

Whole Home Remodel

When you love your home, it deserves an overall upgrade. You can completely transform your home into a personal haven. You can take your outdated home to a new level.

Factors that Affect Addition Costs

Many factors go into the cost of an addition. Of course, the way you choose to finish and accessorize the space adds to the overall cost, but the construction process also contains a variety of costs. Here are some factors that will affect the cost of your addition project:

  • Size of addition
  • Type of foundation
  • Insulation
  • Siding
  • Number of windows
  • Roof
  • Electrical/HVAC
  • Tearing down existing walls
  • Permits

Helpful Online Resources

The Internet is a wonderful tool for estimating construction costs. However, many websites claim different project prices, so it can be hard to know where the project’s total will truly fall. Here are a few resources that can help give you a good estimate for your project.


This site is a great tool for getting a general estimated cost. It even gives statistics on certain remodel or addition projects, as well as stats on the type of homeowners completing these projects.

Cost Helper

The cost calculator helps break down specific items, such as foundation, HVAC, and door expenses. Calculating the cost of the specific items you want your addition or remodel to contain can really help pinpoint your project’s overall budget.

Cost vs. Value Report

This report is especially nice because it allows you to select your specific geographical region to know the average cost of a certain type of renovation project. It lists the typical return on investment, so you can be sure you are spending money wisely. It could even help you see the value of a whole home remodel.

Remodeling Calculator

You can choose whether you are looking for a low, mid-range, or high-end addition and get a cost estimate accordingly. Choose the type of remodeling project and the various items being added to the project to get a good estimate.

Don’t leave your research to a simple, “What will my project cost?” search. By researching the various parts of a remodel and your geographical location average, you can estimate a much more realistic cost for your project.

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