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6 Considerations for a Successful Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodel

Successful Pittsburgh Kitchen Remodel

One of the most utilized areas of your home is the kitchen. Kitchens are considered the “heart of the home” and for good reason.

Modern kitchens are used for more than just cooking. They can be places for the family to eat and for friends to gather. Entertainment, storage, aesthetic, cooking, baking, and cleaning are all words that pertain to the ongoing activities of your kitchen. So when you think of renovating an area of your home, kitchens are a great investment.

Our team at Action Builders is all about a quality kitchen renovation. As a professional home remodeling company that specializes in immaculate Pittsburgh kitchen remodels, we know that increasing home and lifestyle value comes by creating a functional space as well as a beautiful one. With that in mind, here are some items you should consider before beginning your kitchen remodel to ensure it’s a success!

1. Lighting

Having the proper amount and placement of lighting in your kitchen is essential. Preparing meals and entertaining all need lighting in the right places.

To successfully implement lighting in your kitchen, you need to think about both natural and artificial lighting.

Natural light helps bring the outdoors in and makes your space feel open and bright. Strategically placed windows over a sink or prep area afford beautiful views and ample light for tasks. If your kitchen is in an area of your home where an exterior window is not an option, consider a skylight.

Artificial light is used to illuminate task areas as well as acts as decor. Beautiful pendants hung over an island can add visual interest while providing function. Recessed lights through the kitchen are perfect for lighting, and don’t forget to incorporate under counter lighting.

2. Layout and Configuration

Your kitchen layout is everything. It is the foundation that the rest of your remodel will build upon. And creating the proper configuration will be essential for your cooking, cleaning, and storage needs.

Consider the main elements of your kitchen: the sink, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Your layout should heavily revolve around these items. You will desire plenty of counter space around your oven where cooking will take place. Keep your prep spaces close together. Having to walk or reach long distances can become a headache during your cooking sessions. Your refrigerator should be in an area where it can easily open and close without blocking walkways. You may want to consider having your dishwasher close to your cupboards to make unloading your dishes easier.

Remember, the right configuration can make the difference between a functional and nonfunctional space, which is a great reason to hire a contractor with a coordinating design team.

3. Storage

From produce and snacks to dishes and cooking utensils, your kitchen stores its fair share of houseware. So you’ll want plenty of storage space in order to maintain a clean and organized kitchen.

If your renovation has the space, incorporate a pantry. This is one of the best storage solutions for a kitchen. Maintain plenty of under the counters cupboards as well as open shelving or upper cabinets. And when designing your kitchen, think about what items you will be storing. Remember to add storage for food items, kitchen utensils, and even cleaning supplies, if this is where they will be housed.

4. Accessibility to Other Rooms

Unless you are doing a whole-home renovation with a kitchen renovation as a main part of that remodel, then you may not have control over where your kitchen lies in your home’s floor plan, but you do have the option of opening up your kitchen to the rest of your home.

Knocking out walls and rearranging your kitchen’s configuration can allow you to create an open floor plan with the surrounding spaces. Open concept homes are better for entertaining, hanging out, sightlines, and lighting.

But kitchen renovations can be extremely successful when they are completed in tandem with a multi-room remodel. This can truly tie the whole home together and help your kitchen flow into the rest of your home and provide more space.

5. Durability and Moisture Resistance

Moisture should be a consideration for your kitchen remodel. Washing dishes, preparing meals and drinks, and even potential leaks can all lend to excessive moisture in your kitchen, and having a kitchen renovation that lasts will be heavily dependent on the type of materials and finishes you use in your space. And certain material will be far less maintenance than others.

If your home has hardwood floors or if raw wood is your desired look, tile designed to look like hardwood is a great waterproof and durable option. Research the type of stone or tile you want to use in your space. Oftentimes, a material swap can make the difference in a lasting beautiful kitchen. For example, you can achieve the same look as marble by utilizing quartz countertops— a more durable and stain-resistant product.

6. Appliance Upgrades

After upgrading your kitchen, choose to upgrade your appliances, not just in size, make, and style, but technologically as well. Smart appliances not only look great but help make utilizing your kitchen easier.

You can control certain smart appliances with your voice or even from your phone. Modern refrigerators have touch screens that can display recipes and shopping lists. You can also regulate temperatures to keep food fresh.

You can also invest in smart ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, crockpots, and more. Select appliances that fit your lifestyle needs.

Finally! A Kitchen Design that Works for You

There are so many possibilities for an outdated and dysfunctional kitchen, especially when combined with a whole home renovation and with the right Pittsburgh contractor doing the work. Our team of expert contractors and designers have ideas and the experience to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

To learn more about how our team of Pittsburgh home remodeling contractors can elevate your space, see our kitchen remodeling services.