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Game-Changers for Designing Your South Hills, PA Game Room

Game-Changers for Designing Your South Hills PA Game Room

Who doesn’t love a good game night? Friendly competition between family and friends can make for a fun evening in, whether it’s board games, pool, arcade games, or more. And guess what! If you and your family are into games and you have a vacant area of your home, you can build a dream game room that will leave you with lasting memories. And isn’t that what your home should be all about?

Whether you simply want to transform an open area of your South Hills home into a gaming area or you want a game room renovation to be a part of the overall remodel of your home, our Action Builders team has innovative ideas using their cost-saving design-build process to create your perfect game room.

Here are a few tips to consider before renovating your home’s space that will result in the game room of your dreams.

Choose a Theme

Game rooms are a great area of your home to branch out from more traditional styling into something more unique. Depending on what your interests are, you can choose a theme that sets the mood for playing games.

Choose a theme based on a favorite TV show, game, or time period (such as a retro gaming arcade). Having a theme can help dictate the types of games and furniture to fill your space with.

Add Multifunctional Furniture

Depending on the various types of games you desire for your space, your gaming room can quickly become cluttered. Even if you add a large room addition, it can still be difficult to fit all the necessary furniture for different types of gaming. The best solution is making your furniture serve multiple purposes.

From a gaming table that has a cover, converting it into a regular table, to an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, a footrest, storage, or extra seating, utilize multifunctional pieces. This can also help when maintaining a budget for your renovation and design.

Go for Comfort

Having a family night and playing games takes time. And during those moments you are making memories, you’ll also want to be comfortable. Even if you are selecting multifunctional furniture, invest in comfortable seating.

Cushioned chairs, beanbags, and a large and soft sectional are all furnishings that can enhance your space while offering comfort.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting will play an important role in setting the proper mood for your game nights. Invest in good overhead lighting such as recessed lighting throughout the space. But in areas where your gaming tables will be set up, task lighting will shine brighter than ambient lighting, giving the right amount of illumination to your space.

You can also consider installing dimmers. Whether you need a large amount of lighting for games like air hockey or ping pong or you want less lighting for video gaming or board games, dimmers will allow you to have the exact lighting you desire.

Focus on Sound

If you are a video gamer, then you will certainly want to have a good sound system for your TV. But even if your gaming passion is not electronic, sound is an important part of your space.

Installing a sound system throughout the space will allow you to play music or a board game’s required soundtrack during a game. And if you have a virtual assistant tool, you can even use your sound system to keep score. Even better than a simple sound system, you can connect your sound to your phone and control everything from the device in your pocket.

On the other hand, having your space soundproofed is beneficial to the rest of your home. You, your kids, and your guests won’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of your home while enjoying the space.

Make Your Games the Decorations

Playing games in a cluttered area can be stressful and really detract from the fun. Rather than fill your space with unneeded décor, utilize the games themselves to create the look you’re going for. Use vintage arcade games to decorate your gaming area or hang the sports equipment, such as ping pong paddles or your pool triangle, on your walls and make the items you use to play the décor for the space. This will also incentivize your family to leave the room clean after playing.

Incorporate Plenty of Storage

Whether your game room is for adults or kids, lots of storage will be needed. Add plenty of shelves or cupboards into your space for storing board games, cords, infrequently used gaming consoles, gaming controllers, sports equipment, and more.

Set up a TV console with plenty of cubbies for various consoles and equipment. Or add storage furniture like trunks and ottomans for storing games, blankets, or other needed items.

Add a Bar or Snack Area

When you’re in the heat of a game or simply enjoying time with friends, the last thing you or a guest wants to do is trek all the way to the kitchen for a drink or snack. Add an area to store snacks or drinks for convenience. A bar area with a mini-fridge and plenty of shelving for food storage is a great option.

Think about incorporating fun food additions like a popcorn machine or candy dispensers. These can also be tailored to fit your theme.

Fill Your Home with Memories Through a South Hills, PA Game Room Addition

We, at Action Builders, believe that achieving a fun and exciting home doesn’t have to come at the cost of your sanity. You can prepare for a home renovation to make the process smoother. Part of that ease comes from researching what to expect and finding the right contractor to do the job.

If you are considering a game room as a part of your South Hills, PA home renovation or addition, see how a trustworthy home addition contractor can help.