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6 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Basement


There’s truly no place like home, and if you find yourself loving your home but disenchanted with the lack of functional space in it, remodeling your basement may be the perfect solution to your dilemma. 

Space is one of the greatest assets a home can offer. And finishing your existing basement can enhance your lifestyle and create more options for you and your loved ones. 

Above all, the purpose of a basement renovation is to build a space that will be useful. It can add to your home’s living area by creating more room for leisure, entertaining, and other enjoyable activities. Here’s how: 

Imagine a Finished Basement Remodel

How to make the best use of basement space is first of all determined by your vision. Start dreaming about the top ways you can utilize the added functional space in your home. In order of priority, create a wish list for what you’d like to accomplish with your basement remodel. Understand there’s no time like the present to get started! 

Why now Is the Time to Remodel Your Basement

  1. Increase your home’s value. The return on investment is significant!
  2. This functional space will give you room to make the most out of everyday life and reboot.
  3. A relaxing media room can be appreciated by all ages. 
  4. Create comfortable accommodations for guests and aging parents. 
  5. Increase the number of bedrooms for your growing family. 
  6. Design an income-generating secondary suite. 

Tips on Creating a Beautiful Finished Basement 

  • Keep the style consistent—Your new basement should be cohesive with the rest of your home. Match hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, hardwood cabinets, built-ins, paint and trim color.
  • Don’t hold back!—Make the most of the opportunity. Do as much as you can afford because of the value it yields. Your finished basement will provide a powerful selling point and generate interest in buyers.
  • Choose a contractor with experience—The details involved in a successful basement renovation are abundant—from pulling permits to designing the best configuration for your space. Be sure to interview three contractors to find the best fit for your project. Visit some of their past or current job sites. Speak to other customers about their experience with the builder and results of the remodel. 

Be sure to ask about how to combat any moisture issues you may have in your basement. Your contractor should have a good working knowledge of building products made to minimize any possibility of mold and moisture. 

Planning Out a Finished Basement

Finishing your basement can add function to your home. Here are some great options for your new dream space: 

  1. Add More Family Space—If you want more options for a comfy place to relax as a family, a basement renovation can easily accommodate. You’ll be amazed at how creating the right space can set the stage for a host of unforgettable moments to be made.
  2. Additional Bedrooms—Gain multipurpose space by adding bedrooms to your basement remodel. While you can use them as bedrooms, they can also double as an office, a playroom for young children, a craft room for Mom, and more.
  3. Game Room—The perfect gathering space for family and friends, a game room can create an atmosphere where fun and exciting memories can be made. Billiards, ping pong, board games, and more can bring the family together and create a comfortable place to host parties.
  4. Home Office—Working remotely has gained popularity, and you can’t beat the convenience of a home office. When designing your office, consider putting a double set of French doors on it to create the feeling of openness. Lighting can be limited in a basement, and French doors will maximize the light you have. It should be the same size as a bedroom, but realize that if you add a closet, it actually is coded as a bedroom and will need an egress window for safety.
  5. Home Gym—Imagine the freedom of being able to work out anytime you want in the comfort of your own home. You can create the ideal space for convenient workouts in your basement by designing a home gym as part of your remodel.

    Be careful if your space has low ceilings because some exercise equipment may not fit in it. When it comes to ceiling clearance, don’t forget to add your height to the equation, particularly when measuring for treadmills and ellipticals.

    Verify your equipment can be disassembled and maneuvered down the steps, especially if there is a 90-degree turn in your stairs.
  6. Aging in Place Suite—If your basement is large enough to accommodate all the amenities needed, you can convert your basement into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)—also known as a mother-in-law suite. This includes an area for sleeping, eating, and bathing.

    Providing a place for aging parents to enjoy life and mature with dignity can be a rewarding reason for a basement remodel. The privacy they can count on, along with family within reach gives them a sense of security and peace—and gives you peace of mind.
  7. Rental Unit—Built like a mother-in-law suite, yet used to generate household income, designing a space to rent out can be a viable reason to renovate your unfinished basement. You can earn substantial income—and over time, you may even recoup your investment completely. 
Are you ready to dive into a basement addition or remodel? Our “Homeowners Guide to Interior Remodeling and Renovations” can help get you started. Read the Guide

Get a Finished Basement with Great Style and Function

At Action Builders, our design-build team creates the perfect layout within your existing structure, while our construction team ensures each aspect meets code requirements. We listen to your vision, and develop the best strategy to implement it. 

Regardless of the size or current condition of your basement, your vision can become reality. Get the beautiful functional space you’ve been dreaming of, and enhance your lifestyle.

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