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Advantages of Adding a Butler’s Pantry to Your Kitchen Design

Butler's pantry installed in a home for kitchen design.

The famous butler’s pantry, which is bigger and more functional than a walk-in pantry, is making a comeback in kitchen design layouts. This secluded room or area adjacent to the heart of your home adds function and organization to your kitchen, giving you generous cabinet and counter space. A butler’s pantry makes entertaining a breeze, with a place to hide your food prep mess so your open concept kitchen remains tidy and elegant. 

A butler’s pantry is ideal for storage, food preparation, or serving meals. Read on to learn how it can be the perfect addition to your kitchen remodeling project

Why You’ll Love Including a Butler’s Pantry in Your Kitchen Renovation

1. Declutter your kitchen counters.

The number of small appliances and gadgets seemed to have multiplied on most kitchen countertops. A butler’s pantry gives you a convenient place to stow all your favorite small appliances without cluttering your counters. 

2. Enjoy a clean kitchen—even while entertaining.

A butler’s pantry is like walk-in closets (only bigger!) for your kitchen. It’s a great way to hide all your food prep so the kitchen looks cleaner even when you’re entertaining. It is strategically located to simplify serving meals when you have guests. And with a butler’s pantry, you can plan ahead easily for parties by setting up dishes, drinks, and utensils in the pantry long before the event. 

3. Keep a well-stocked supply of all you need at your fingertips.  

With a butler’s pantry, you can stock pantry items like dry ingredients, paper goods, and dinnerware in an organized way so you can see what you have—and use it. And tuck away the special decorative serve ware you need for entertaining each holiday season in a convenient place in your butler’s pantry.

4. Add food prep space for staging dishes. 

When hosting a dinner party, a butler’s pantry is the perfect place to stage dishes before serving guests. It’s also the ideal place to let baked desserts cool before delighting guests with them. 

5. Include a coffee bar for your convenience. 

Are you a huge coffee drinker who enjoys several cups a day? Do you have a great coffee machine, but notice coffee stains and grounds often appear on the counter near your sink in your current kitchen? If you include a coffee bar in your butler’s pantry as part of your kitchen renovation, that space can be used all the time, yet because it is hidden behind closed doors, you don’t have to worry about it when your neighbor stops by unannounced! You’ll no longer be scurrying about wiping your kitchen counters because they will stay cleaner due to your well-designed butler’s pantry. 

6. Add a charging station to keep unsightly cords out of your kitchen. 

Charging stations are part of everyday life, so create a spot in your butler’s pantry where all of the electronics can recharge. When cords are hidden, rather than being stationed on your kitchen counters, you’ll free up the margins of your kitchen for fresh flowers and conversations where clutter and chaos are kept at bay. 

7. Tuck away the unexpected things that appear in your kitchen. 

While nobody likes junk drawers, you have to admit—most of us have one. So plan for it! Designate a drawer in the butler’s pantry for unexpected things that show up in the kitchen. It’s the place you can tuck them out of sight and out of mind so your kitchen is peaceful and orderly. 

8. Incorporate basic necessities for ease of use.

A true butler’s pantry is well designed and generously appointed for your unique needs. It has a small sink, convenient outlets, shelves for small appliances, a charging station, and generous cabinets for bulk storage items. A coffee station, beverage refrigerator, a microwave and dishwasher are handy features that can also be included. If your home doesn’t have the space for a full butler’s pantry, adding extra storage, a charging station, and coffee bar delivers elegance and convenience that enhance your lifestyle. 

Complement Your Kitchen Design with the Perfect Butler’s Pantry

Adding a butler’s pantry is an impeccable opportunity to personalize your space with custom storage solutions, tailored shelving, cabinetry, drawers, and countertops that go beyond traditional use to meet the ever-changing needs of your family. Discover how our kitchen remodeling services at Action Builders can add the perfect butler’s pantry to your updated kitchen space so you can enjoy its many benefits.