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Practical Design Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Practical design ideas for kitchen lighting with Action Builders!

The right lighting enhances your kitchen’s overall design and delivers the style you love in this important gathering space in your home. Kitchen lighting doesn’t just make the room look beautiful, it helps you accomplish things with ease. A single fixture doesn’t meet all the needs in a kitchen. It takes layers of different types of lighting to get the job done.

How Action Builders Creates Optimal Kitchen Lighting Design and Function 

Recessed Lighting 

Recessed wafer lights create balanced lighting throughout the kitchen. They are installed on the ceiling, and their dimmers allow you to determine the amount of lighting you desire for what you’re accomplishing.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet LED lighting (with dimmers) provides your entire counter space with illumination, making it easy to read recipes. These lights are programmable and can be installed with motion sensors so you don’t have to be concerned about leaving them on (they will turn off automatically). And they’re ready to illuminate your kitchen in a flash if you pop in for a midnight snack! 

Island Lighting

Islands are multipurpose spaces for prepping food, cooking, serving meals, and even homework. Several pendant lights or a small chandelier above your island gives optimal illumination for the whole area, and offers a memorable focal point. Pendant lights over the island can be directional and functional, but more commonly create a “wow” factor that makes them stand out in a sea of cabinets and countertops. No one wants the focal point of the room to be fingerprints, so choose a seeded or textured glass fixture instead of smooth glass (which can look dirty faster). 

Light fixture height over an island is important and is somewhat dependent on the height of the users who live there. It is essential to hang the fixtures high enough that no one has to bend down or feel the need to look around the light fixture when having conversation over the island at dinner. 

Over-the-Sink Lighting 

A well-appointed fixture over your sink makes a stunning statement and enriches your kitchen’s charm. Choose from a variety of shades and styles to add zest and make your chores easier. Select a water-safe, rust-resistant light fixture that hangs 30-40 inches above the counter for optimal results. A classic pendant light designed with minimalist style in mind is perfect for placement over the sink in the modern farmhouse, transitional, and a variety of home styles. Recessed lighting or a flush-mounted ceiling light are additional options. 

Above-the-Dining-Room-Table Lighting

A chandelier is often used above the dining room table, but not always. It is becoming more common not to wire a centered fixture over a table in open concept spaces so homeowners can maintain flexibility. That way if you decide to rearrange your kitchen, you won’t have a chandelier mounted in an area where you don’t want a table. 

Lighting Inside Cabinets

Lighting inside cabinets allows your cabinet contents to be on display, adding visual interest to your kitchen. When choosing inside cabinet lighting, the shelving should be carefully considered along with how the light will interact with it. Don’t install lights at the top of a cabinet with a wood shelf that keeps the light from shining to the bottom of the cabinet. Use glass shelves with a light at the top so it is able to shine down through the glass to the bottom. 

Automatic Drawer Lights

Automatic drawer lights are becoming more common and offer convenience to homeowners. They come on when drawers are opened, making it easy to spot even the smallest of kitchen utensils. 

Toe-Kick Lighting 

Add a nice ambiance in the evening with attractive overnight lighting called toe-kick lighting. This lighting highlights the floor space below your cabinets beautifully. 

Kitchen Lighting Delivers Beauty and Function

Stylish, Functional Lighting  

There are three basic types of kitchen lighting

Ambient lighting is general lighting that fills the room. This type of lighting bounces off the walls to illuminate as much space as possible. While natural light contributes to ambient light, it’s not the only kind used in the kitchen. Ambient lighting includes: 

  • Traditional recessed lighting
  • LED downlights
  • Ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures
  • Track lighting

Accent lighting is decorative lighting that adds another facet of illumination to your kitchen and includes: 

  • Sconces
  • Track lights
  • Under-cabinet lighting

Task lighting is exactly as it sounds, and lights up the particular task you are taking on in your kitchen. Examples include: 

  • Pendant lighting 
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Portable or desk lamp
  • Recessed fixtures

Practical Considerations

  • Begin your kitchen lighting choices by assessing the amount of natural light that fills your space. 
  • Next, decide if your kitchen needs more overall light or just task or accent lights in specific places. 
  • Pay careful attention to areas that need extra light like the island and countertops. 

Transform Your Kitchen and Turn Your Dreams into Reality 

The heart of your home—your kitchen—should be a unique reflection of you, and an inspiring space where memories are made. At Action Builders, our expertise in kitchen lighting design positions us as a trusted contractor for optimal home lighting solutions. Take a look at our kitchen remodeling services and imagine how bringing your vision to life will enhance your daily routine and lifestyle.