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Can a Builder Use the Architectural Drawings I Have for My Addition?

Using your architectural drawings for your home addition.

If you have architectural drawings for your new addition, but want to continue your project with a design-builder, it can be done. While most design-build companies work with homeowners on renovations and additions from start to finish, some projects show up already through the design phase. 

If you’re a homeowner and you’ve previously worked with an architect to put your addition on paper, a design-build company can then provide a cost for the work. Action Builders is a design-build company that offers full-service design and construction for residential renovations and additions, and we can work with your architectural drawings. 

Working with Architectural Drawings Previously Acquired for Your Home Addition 

How a Contractor Works with Basic Design Drawings

The quality of drawings a homeowner may present to a design-build contractor ranges greatly from architect to architect. Some homeowners pay for design drawings—and they are just that—a floor plan or two on paper, or an existing floor plan with a few exterior elevations. There is no detail outlined on how the structure is to be built or any specifications of building materials, since they are design drawings only.  

Drawings for Home Additions by Commercial Architects

If a homeowner comes to a design-build contractor wanting a simple addition built, and they have 30+ pages of full-fledged architectural drawings with everything specced out and including disclaimers, they usually come from a commercial architect who is a friend of the homeowner and did the drawings as a favor. The commercial architect is certainly well qualified to do the structural drawings for a residential addition, but they are significantly more detailed than the residential market tends to be. 

Reputable Contractors Build Additions Properly and Warranty Their Work

Simple is better when it comes to remodeling and additions. When a homeowner shows up with full-fledged architectural drawings, the contractor is still going to build the project how they build additions. At Action Builders, we have a 5-year warranty on our work, and we make sure home additions are built properly. 

The Design-Build Method of Delivery Saves Time and Money 

Many times, a commercial architect draws materials that are not commonly used residentially or that increase the overall project cost more than necessary. At Action Builders, we stand by how we build things, so we charge and build according to that ethic. We are happy to use existing architectural drawings but also clarify with homeowners that if the architect will be involved during construction, then we have much less control on the overall costs and project schedule.  

The design-build model is meant to be streamlined—saving you both time and money. At Action Builders, we work with your architectural drawings, but please recognize this adds another element of design and construction to work with and communicate with along the way. Most architects will do the permit drawings and then not be involved in the construction of the project, but that varies.  

The Design-Build Process Keeps You “in the Know” Budget-Wise

You may have started out with the design-bid-build delivery method—hence the drawings you already have on hand. But switching to the design-build method is smart. One of the strongest pros of the design-build process is knowing the cost of your project early on. You inform the contractor of how much you desire to spend, and they let you know how much you can afford to build. 

One Point of Contact Simplifies the Process

Unlike the design-bid-build method of project delivery, the single point of contact built into the design-build process takes drama out of the equation when you build an addition. If something goes wrong, there is a single point of accountability for the project, giving you fewer relationships to manage as you work together toward solutions. 

We Can Build the Gorgeous Addition You’ve Been Dreaming About

At Action Builders, we’ve been building homeowners’ dreams for over 30 years. As a design-build company, we take projects from an initial consultation through to construction completion, and work with homeowners all the way through. 

We design to your budget and help allocate your funds to the parts of the project that will get you the most bang for your buck. Our team doesn’t overcomplicate our sales process with fancy presentations. We are good at what we do and let our work speak for itself. Learn more about our home remodeling and addition services.