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Where to Begin with a Home Addition

Utility Room built by Action Builders

If you’ve never built a home addition, it may feel overwhelming to think about. But with the help of an expert team, you can forge ahead with confidence and get the space and function you crave in the current home and location you love. 

At Action Builders, we are a one-stop-shop that provides you with resources from start to finish for your addition project. The benefits of our design-build process will thrill you as our qualified team designs, engineers, gets permits, and builds your dream addition. Our design, selection, and build process brings your vision from concept to completion. 

6 Steps to Getting Started on Your Pittsburgh Area Home Addition

Does your love for your current home and neighborhood fuel your dreams for a new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, or more? Are you feeling crowded in your home, yet love its location and don’t want to go through the hassle of moving? Think about how a home addition will enhance your lifestyle, increase your property’s value, and cater to the current and future needs of your family. 

1. Talk with us! 

Talking with our qualified team is a great way for you to start navigating the home addition process. At your consultation, you may find out you’re closer than you think to being ready to initiate the process of building an addition. Or you may choose to wait a few years as you prepare to build. Either way works for us! Just take the step to get started on this exciting journey so you can make informed decisions about your dream home. Simply fill out a consultation form to begin this exciting process.  

2. Need general information about addition projects? No problem. 

If you are planning an addition well in advance, or just want some general information about remodeling projects, you can request a phone call in the comment section of the online consultation form. We can talk for 15-20 minutes on the phone about the process, financing options, survey and building permit requirements, along with general cost factors. By the end of our call, you’ll be better equipped to plan ahead for your project and its financing. 

3. Meet with one of our experienced design experts—in your home. 

If you are close to starting your project, it is best to schedule an initial consultation with one of our expert designers. Your personalized initial meeting consists of a walkthrough of your house where we see the space and listen to your needs and vision for your new addition.  We discuss your overall project and the steps to take as you move forward. 

We outline the details you can expect: 

  • Design Phase: Collaborate with our designer to create your dream home. 
  • Material Selection Phase: Choose materials that align with your vision. 
  • Construction Phase: See your addition built to specifications! 

You’ll appreciate the advantages of working with a design-build firm like Action Builders—like quality craftsmanship, streamlined processes, fluid communication, budget-friendly and structurally sound design, and a five-year workmanship warranty backing our services. 

4. Get an honest budget range for your project. 

The design consultant will provide you with what we call an “initial ballpark cost” for your project. This may be several options or versions of your addition based on our initial walkthrough of your home. The goal of this initial ballpark cost is to provide an honest budget range for your project so you can decide if it makes sense to move forward with the design phase at this time. 

5. Talk with your banker about financing. 

It is also helpful at this stage to have initial conversations with your bank if there is financing involved before making a commitment to the design agreement with Action Builders.  

6. Get a survey for your property. 

We strongly encourage you to get a survey for your property before moving forward with the design phase to ensure the design can be built.  

At Action Builders, We Simplify the Home Addition Process 

Gain beauty, square footage, and function from your beloved current home with the perfect home addition. At Action Builders, our design-build process puts heavy emphasis on planning before beginning your project. You’ll love how this delivery method streamlines the process, and helps your dream build get done within your budget and on time. Learn more about our home remodeling and addition services and how they can bring your distinct vision to life!