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Should I Hire a Residential Architect or a Design-Build Contractor for My New Home Addition?

Should I Hire Architect or Design-Build Contractor

Building a home addition is an exciting process. It means more room and function for your home, and it means getting to remain in the home you love. But the quality of an addition and its integration into your life is only as good as the design itself.

Many homeowners wonder if their best design option is to hire a design-build contractor or a residential architect. While both provide designs, a design-build contractor can provide benefits that a residential architect cannot.

The Difference in Roles

While both a residential architect and a design-build contractor work in the home design process, they play different roles.

The Architect

In the most basic sense, an architect is a professional building or structure designer. But in a more thorough sense, architects know the legalities behind proper design and the laws associated with codes and permitting. They create custom designs specified to the client and then pass that design to a contractor or construction company who bids for the project.

The Design-Build Contractor

A true design-build firm is a company that provides all aspects for design and construction in-house. They work with designers to create a plan for your space and give the finished design to their team for completion. Design-build companies get better with experience, so the more projects they have completed the more accuracy and skill they have.

The Benefits of a Design-Build Company

Architects create beautiful designs, but a design-build company, who creates immaculate designs and sees them through to completion, offers benefits that a residential architect can’t.

1. A Budgetary Design

A design-build contractor designs to your budget while an architect does not. While architects create beautiful spaces, they don’t price things on a daily basis. Design contractors do.

Homeowners are typically shocked by the true cost of an architect’s drawings. Many homeowners who start with outside drawings employ us to redo the drawings for their projects. A design-builder will help you know what to design for and can better design with your budget in mind.

2. Integrating Structural Design

Each architect has his own style and way of creating drawings. However, design-builders work with multiple designers to give you a flush and cohesive design for your home. For example, depending on the architect, many may use drop beams or posts. As a design-builder, we are strong structurally and like all of our ceilings to be flush and match up. We avoid any posts and room breaks if possible.

3. Streamlined Process

In design-build firms, everyone is on the same page, and the design is completed with any potential construction issues in mind. The drawings get passed directly to the construction team to have the process streamlined with clear communication.

4. Lower cost

Having your designer, engineer, and contractor in one place saves you money. Rather than paying multiple persons for individual jobs, a design-build firm charges for the overall project. And homeowners can avoid the potential of needing their drawing redone.

5. Improved quality

With both the design and structural team working in tandem, your design will work well not only with the existing home structure but also with the construction crew’s needs. The result is high-quality workmanship that can be adjusted as needed to ensure your home fits your lifestyle.

6. Faster project timeline

Hiring an architect can lead to a beautiful design, but when that design gets bid out to contractors, it usually comes back over cost and it’s back to the drawing board. Rather than redoing the design or waiting to find a contractor, a design-build company can provide a beautiful design that is properly priced the first time and hand it straight to the builders.

Lose the Stress and Gain a Beautiful and Functional Addition

At Action Builders, we know how stressful the home addition process can be. That’s why we streamline the process with a qualified team who can tackle the design, legal, and building processes. We have two interior designers on staff, an architectural draftsman, engineer, and construction team, to complete your project from start to finish.

Our draftsman and engineer fill the role of architect to create a design, with your input, that will fit seamlessly with your house. See how we do it by taking a look at our design-build process. Plus, all of our home additions come with a 5-year workmanship warranty.

If you’re ready for a smooth and streamlined home addition process, call us today at (412) 835-3543 for a free consultation. We can help lead you from frustration to confidence as you start your home addition project.