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A Modern Mt. Lebanon Whole-Home Remodel & Addition


Mount Lebanon


Whole Home Renovation, Bedroom Remodel, Kitchen Remodel

Loft-Style Troubles in Mount Lebanon

When we first met our homeowners in Mount Lebanon, they were frustrated. They had enlisted the help of an architect to give them the contemporary home they’ve always wanted, but the build cost was just too expensive. They wanted a modern, warm, industrial loft design but weren’t sure they would be able to achieve it.

A Design-Build Process Solution

The Action Builders team worked with the homeowners to come up with an $800,000 whole home remodel. We value-engineered the project and gave them the modern look and industrial feel they were after, starting from a traditional, 2-story single-family home.

In using the design-build process to learn what style they were after, we were able to save the homeowners $200,000. We made recommendations to the design, structure, and materials to retain the stylish, contemporary feeling they wanted while significantly reducing the overall cost.

Ultimately, we decided the best way to give the homeowners the chic look and feel they wanted was to remodel the entire home, plus build on an important addition: a garage with a bonus bedroom and library above.

A Sleek, Fashionable Home to Call Their Own

When all the work was completed, the Mount Lebanon homeowners ended up with a stunning, modern, minimalist home with a stylish, cohesive design throughout. We moved to large, load-bearing walls to open up the home and provide the breezy, streamlined, loft aesthetic the homeowners wanted, using more industrial materials like glass and steel beams for an ultra-cool appearance.

Through our work, not only did we provide the owners with the perfect vibe for their new space, but we also saved them a considerable amount of money and gave them more usable, functional space in the process — one we know they’re sure to love for years to come.

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