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An Entertainers Dream: Basement Renovation in Peters TWP, PA

Project Scope



Home Addition

Overcoming Challenges, Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Every project comes with its own set of challenges, and this Pittsburgh residence was no exception. Our team faced challenges such as figuring out the side of the addition considering the sewer line in the backyard and the side property line. We also had to determine if the addition was going to be a one-story or two-story structure and how it would seamlessly connect to the existing house.

Action Builders constructs a home addition on Pittsburgh home

The side property line also presented a unique challenge as it was pie-shaped or ran on a diagonal, requiring us to make adjustments and make the addition slightly smaller than originally planned. However, through creative problem-solving and collaboration, we were able to find solutions that met the homeowner’s needs and satisfied all requirements. For the permit process, we used our contacts in the area to re-measure the property line and produced a survey that the township would accept.

Turning Dreams into Reality

The homeowner was thrilled with the results. The new space was everything they had hoped for. They particularly appreciated our team’s dedication, working with them through the holidays, and navigating the often-complex permitting and inspection process.

At Action Builders, our commitment is not just to completing projects, but to delivering results that exceed expectations. We take pride in collaborating with homeowners and turning their dreams into reality. Let us show you what we can do for your home!


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