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Second Story Addition Provides Pittsburgh, PA Family with Room to Grow

Project Scope

Nestled in Pittsburgh, PA, this family home was in need of an expansion that involved turning a modest Cape Cod into a spacious two-story home. Faced with the challenge of cramped spaces and awkward roof lines, the family was referred to Action Builders for our expertise in design-build projects. With a growing family and a desire to maximize space while staying close to their parents who lived next door, our clients chose us to bring their vision to life.


Home Addition

Expanding a Traditional Cape Cod into a Two-Story Home

Recognizing the need to optimize space, our team engaged in collaborative sessions around the family’s dining room table, strategizing how to accommodate four children’s bedrooms and a full master suite with the existing structure.

Despite initial attempts to work within the confines of the existing Cape Cod structure, the team ultimately recommended removing the entire roof and second floor to construct a full two-story addition. This decision ensured all bedrooms boasted full-height ceilings and that the style seamlessly blended with the existing home structure all while staying within the client’s budget.

Strategic Placement Provides Creative Solution for Oversized Tub

Mid-project, we ran into an issue with the new oversized tub being too large to work with the home’s original water heater system. We resolved this challenge by incorporating a second tankless water heater, ensuring ample hot water. To accommodate this addition, we strategically tucked the new water heater into one of the children’s closets, optimizing space without sacrificing functionality.

Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with the family, collaboratively addressing cost considerations and ensuring the solution beautifully integrated into their home.

Growing Family Thrilled with their Expanded Space

Upon completing this project, the family was excited to have more space. Despite an unexpected early arrival of the family’s new baby, Action Builders remained committed to their schedule, delivering exceptional results within the original five month timeframe.

Considering the mid-project addition of a full tankless water heater and the tight timeline, the project proceeded smoothly and remained close to the original budget. The client was thrilled to be able to stay in their home with family next door and create a comfortable space for their children to grow up in.

If you are curious about how Action Builders could help you stay in the home you love, schedule a consultation to begin tailoring your home to your lifestyle.


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