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A Mt. Lebanon Home Upgrade Creates Space and Solves Water Issues


Project Scope

The homeowners of a traditional two-story home in Pittsburgh, PA faced significant issues with their existing one-story addition. The rubber roof of this addition, intended initially as a walk-out porch, was causing water troubles on the first floor. 

With growing teenagers, the family also needed more space. The homeowners needed a reliable contractor familiar with the challenges of working in Mt. Lebanon. They chose Action Builders for their expertise and numerous positive reviews.


Home Addition

Clever Second-Story Renovation Tackles Leaks and Lack of Space

The consultation began by thoroughly assessing the structure and the family’s needs. The rubber roof was a temporary solution, and the family was ready for a more permanent leak-free roof. 

Rather than patching up the old roof, they built a complete second-story addition. This plan maximized the available space while taking advantage of the cost savings of expanding while the roof was off. 

This creative solution eliminated the water issues and provided much-needed room for their growing teenagers. The addition provided a bright, spacious area that perfectly accommodated the family’s needs without expanding the footprint of their home.

Action Builders' One-Stop Design and Construction Delivers Flawless Family Expansion

Action Builders leveraged their design-build approach, seamlessly integrating design and construction services.

The critical services provided included:

  • Design and planning: Creating a detailed plan for the second-story addition that would blend seamlessly with the existing structure and meet the family’s needs.
  • Construction: Building the new second-story addition, ensuring it was structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Plumbing solutions: Addressing a clogged plumbing line encountered during construction by effectively snaking it out to prevent further issues.

Remarkable Renovation Revitalizes Mt. Lebanon Home

The transformation of the Mt. Lebanon home was nothing short of remarkable. The new second-story addition eliminated the leaky old rubber roof and provided a bright, spacious area that perfectly accommodated the family’s needs. The homeowners were visibly relieved that their home was now a sanctuary with room for everyone.

The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome of their renovation project and gave Action Builders a glowing review, stating:

“We love the new space! It’s so bright and spacious, and it perfectly meets our needs. The team at Action Builders did an incredible job, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. They were professional, efficient, and truly understood what we wanted. This addition has made a huge difference in our home, and we’re grateful for their expertise and hard work.”

If you’re frustrated by a lack or space or layout that doesn’t match your current lifestyle, contact Action Builders today for a free consultation!

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