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Sewickley 2-Story Addition + Whole-Home Reno






Whole-Home Renovation, Basement

The Problems

The homeowner found Action Builders by a simple google search from Texas. Planning a move to Pittsburgh, they had a house in mind to purchase and asked for a walk through to see what renovations could be made and what the process would look like with Action Builders. After chatting at a local Starbucks first, they drove to the house and did a walk through with their realtor before they actually purchased the house.

A few weeks later, the homeowner very kindly contacted us to say they chose to go with the architect and builder that the realtor recommended.

A few months went by and the homeowner phoned us again asking if Elizabeth (Action Builder’s lead sales manager and designer) would be willing to look at their project again. Although the homeowner had design drawings from the architect, it was difficult to work with the builder who seemed unwilling to communicate about options and changes to help them get what they wanted based on those drawings.

She said she had a good feeling that Action Builders would be able to answer their questions and walk them through to a finished and successful project. She asked if we could price the project based on her drawings, and we were happy to come to her rescue!

The Solutions

We started by using the architect’s original concept and tweaking a few details here and there on the layout, then signed the contract.

Construction took about six months over a winter with rough weather. The majority of the existing house was gutted, as the homeowner chose to reuse details such as laundry sinks, a hall bath sink, light fixtures, tubs, etc. The Action Builders team reinstalled them to make for a fantastic blend of the old with the new. Now with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, the high 10’ ceilings and beautiful windows make the home feel light and bright in every room.

This project in Sewickley was completed in early 2019 and included a two-story addition with basement and whole house renovation. It features an open concept living space that maintains the charm and character of the original house with trim, lighting, & finish details throughout.

The homeowner and Elizabeth established a great working relationship, and she was ecstatic to move in once the project was complete!

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