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How to Create a Winter-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces bustle with activity and gatherings each spring, summer, and fall. But, with a little ingenuity, they can be relished during colder months as well! Adding some design elements to your outdoor space will enhance your enjoyment of your deck or patio this winter. 

Extend your indoor living to the outdoors even during chilly months by adding a deck or patio to your home. If you already have a designated place to relax outdoors, add some practical features to it, and make gathering with friends and family a delight—even during the colder months! Here’s how: 

Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Deck or Patio During the Winter

With a little creativity, your deck and patio can be used all winter long for fun, festive gatherings. 

Add outdoor lighting to give your space character

To create an inviting outdoor entertainment area, begin by adding some ambiance with lanterns, string lights, and an outdoor heater. Or, add heat lamps that will both warm and illuminate your outdoor space. 

Install a ceiling-mounted infrared heater

When looking for an outdoor heating solution during the winter months, add the warmth of an infrared heater to your deck or patio. Other heaters may warm the air around the deck or patio, but radiated heat directly targets and heats an object. It is an effective way to stay toasty while enjoying the winter air.

Provide layers of warmth by draping blankets over your furniture for easy access

Place some warm, cozy wool blankets (perfect for your firepit party) and textured throw pillows (faux fur or flannel) on your patio furniture. 

Install canvas drapery or outdoor roller shades to your porch to block the wind

When you devise a way to eliminate the sting of winter wind, your gatherings will tend to linger longer. Window treatments can be used outdoors to hem in a cozy space to gather. Curtains provide privacy and keep the chill at bay. 

Weatherproof your furniture

Weather-resistant garden furnishings made from steel, teak, and all-weather wicker are made to stand up against the elements year-round, so they work well for winter gatherings. If your patio furniture is wood, give it a good weatherproofing before winter hits so it’s fortified against moisture intrusion. Bring cushions indoors when rain or snow are in the forecast. 

Create a winter garden on your porch or patio

Herbs and veggies can be grown on your patio throughout the year. Simply bring them indoors when temperatures drop below freezing. They’ll add beauty to your space that makes friends and family feel welcomed. 

Plant some hardy perennials that stand up to the cold and look great in containers. Experiment with colors like deep reds, greens, and purples—and add texture with greenery (like ivy) to create visual interest. Flowering kale, sage, and pansies are all cold-loving annuals that can thrive well in the winter in containers. 

Plan an outdoor activity to engage guests—even in the winter

Help people get their mind off the cold and onto the fun by planning a fondue party—where dipping into hot cheese or melted chocolate is part of the entertainment. Or have an outdoor pizza party where guests can add their own toppings to your outdoor oven-baked pizza. Crank up the coffee pot, and bring on the hot cocoa for a delicious way to warm up as you enjoy the crisp fresh air together. 

Realize that most of the things you do indoors for fun can be done outdoors too. So this winter, why not: 

  • Watch sports, a favorite movie, or play games on an outdoor TV. 
  • Make your favorite burgers and kabobs, or simmer a pot of hearty chili or soup on the grill. 
  • Decorate for the holidays on your deck or patio so you can host parties both indoors and outdoors this year.
  • If it’s snowing, build a snowman together, and then warm up around the outdoor fireplace. 
  • Purchase a hot tub to experience refreshing warmth and relaxation year-round. It can be used for a party, or simply enjoyed each evening as you unwind from the day. 

Plant trees to block the wind

Coniferous trees add privacy and beauty to your space, and they’re great at blocking the wind in the winter. Discover which direction the wind comes from in your area, and plant trees accordingly to shield you and your guests from it. 

Tap into design trends for winter outdoor living and entertainment spaces

Firepits are a major trend for outdoor living spaces. Whether they are built-in or freestanding, they provide the perfect recreation for outdoor gatherings with family and friends. Their warmth and beauty make them the ideal place to start when designing an outdoor entertainment space to enjoy throughout the winter. 

Choose outdoor living space designs that work well in every season

Outdoor kitchens make entertaining guests a breeze. Include a smoker, pizza oven, refrigerator, sink and grill to make your outdoor living space a refreshing place to create and enjoy tasty food with the people you love. 

Build a deck, porch, or add a roof on your existing patio for winter enjoyment

It’s time for your dreams for a well-designed outdoor living space to become reality so you can relish fresh air gatherings throughout the year. 

Get a Stunning Outdoor Living and Entertainment Space for Your Home

Looking for a delightful space to make memories with your family and friends year round? Add an open-air addition to your home with the help of the professional team at Action Builders. We design and build inviting outdoor entertainment spaces with overhead roofing, a fireplace, barbecue space, and built-in seating. 

Now is a great time to increase the value of your home by adding a deck, a porch with a roof, or a stained concrete patio with a pergola. Take a moment to dream a little and discover how an outdoor living space can enhance your life.