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5 Benefits of the Design-Build Process for Your Home Remodel

When you have a dream for your home renovation or an addition you desire to build, there’s a way to achieve it stress-free, within budget, and on time. 

You can avoid the frustrations that result from hiring an architect on your own, paying them to draw up your dream renovations, and then finding out it will cost too much to actually build them. You can bypass the hassle involved with managing your own remodeling project, and skip the frustrating delays so many Pittsburgh homeowners experience when they try to schedule each individual contractor needed to work on their project. 

Enter the design-build process—where one contractor takes full responsibility for both the design portion and the building process. The communication flows smoothly when using this method, and you can live your life rather than managing multiple companies and trying to schedule them in sequence for your home addition or remodel. 

Let’s dive into the multiple benefits of the design-build method, and discover how to find the best contractor for your needs. 

The Value of Working with a Design-Build Remodeling Contractor

When you hire a design-build company, you get design experts, seasoned builders, and craftsmen all under one roof. A design-build team is made up of people who work together regularly, making the renovation more efficient and successful. The group consists of pros such as the construction manager, general contractor, architect, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. 

There is no “I” in the team approach, and no success without each other. Collaboration, mutual respect, and teamwork combine to bring about the best possible results for Pittsburgh homeowners

The design-build method makes a lot of sense for a remodel or home addition project. It provides the most efficient means of completing your project the way you dreamed as well as on time and on budget. 

Here are some advantages of working with a design-build company:  

1. Smooth and Synchronized Process

When you hire a remodeling contractor that uses the esteemed design-build method, they will ensure that the contractors needed will come in the proper sequence, and will keep your project moving along in a timely fashion as a result. Rather than the work dragging on, and experiencing unwanted delays, the design-build coordinates each facet of the remodeling project so there are seamless transitions between each phase of your renovation

2. Stress-Free Remodel

Because one entity directs all aspects of the process, there is extreme organization in the design-build method. It allows you, the homeowner, to focus on enjoying your project’s progress rather than managing it. A single source of responsibility makes everything run smoothly, keeping stress out of the equation.  

3. Better on Your Budget

With the design-build process, you will get a superior finished product that fits your budget. Your budget will be part of the equation from the start, and you’ll have clear remodeling parameters set that will be respectfully honored. The contractor you hire will be well versed in construction costs and factor them accurately from the beginning so there are no surprises. Designers will work side by side with architects and engineers to ensure the design is feasible to complete within budget. 

4. Fluid and Consistent Communication 

Effective communication is a vital part of a successful remodeling project. Avoid miscommunication before and during your renovations by working with a single entity that oversees and manages each component of your remodel. They will communicate with you consistently about scheduling, your choices, project progress, and more. 

Fluid communication speeds up the whole process and helps you enjoy the journey rather than just enduring it. You’ll stay informed and up-to-date on your project as it progresses from concept to completion. Throughout the communication process, your questions will be addressed, and any outstanding issues resolved. 

5. Unhindered Timeline

The design-build method is so systematically organized that your timeline will be smoothly met. You’ll get faster project delivery than the design-bid method, and without the hassles.

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How to Know if a Design-Build Company Is Right for You

Before you hire a design-build contractor, take time to interview at least three prospects in person, read their online reviews, and talk with clients who have used their services recently. Make sure that even during the interview process you have good, fluid communication with the company; without it, you’re in for a long, frustrating road ahead. 

It’s Time to Make Your Home Remodel or Addition Dreams Come True 

It’s time to give your home the attention it needs with our design-build services. At Action Builders, we specialize in additions and whole home remodels. With over 30 years of experience, we design and build multi-room and multi-story remodels. Our experienced craftsmen apply expert skill to your renovation while regarding your home. 

We’re your one-stop shop for architecture, engineering, permits, and construction. Our processes are designed to keep your project moving forward; in fact, we complete projects up to 60 days faster than other contractors. Take a moment to learn more about the value of the design-build process. We’re here to partner with you and build your dreams so you can love coming home again.