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How To Solve 5 Common Problems With Pittsburgh Homes

How To Solve 5 Common Problems With Pittsburgh Homes

Loving your home and living with your home are two different concepts. While you may love aspects of your home, you might also find areas where your home is not completely serving your needs.

As a Pittsburgh home remodeling contractor, our Action Builders team has worked on a variety of issues that Pittsburgh homes can present and has provided solutions that make homeowners’ lives better. Know that you don’t have to live with a dysfunctional home. You can love your home more now than ever before!

Here are 5 common home problems that many Pittsburgh homeowners face and solutions you can use to resolve those issues.

1. Small/Outdated/Non-Functional Kitchens

Kitchens tend to be an issue in Pittsburgh homes, especially historic homes. They can be cramped and dysfunctional. They often lack adequate countertop space for preparation and storage space for organizing a kitchen. They can also be closed off from the rest of the home, dark and isolated.

To create the perfect, modern kitchen, design an open concept room that connects to the other family spaces. Knocking out walls makes a kitchen more open and inviting and can add space. It also allows for a large island to be installed where cooking can occur, family can gather, and people can eat.

For a small kitchen, a home addition or bump-out addition (depending on the amount of space needed) is a solution that can afford a kitchen the footprint it needs to be purposeful.

Invest in higher-end appliances and work to incorporate as much natural light in your space as possible. Your kitchen will be as modernized as can be while looking beautiful and adding home value.

2. Missing Master En Suites

A master bedroom is not a true, functioning master without a proper en suite. If your home lacks a master with a private bathroom, you can add instant value to your home with an addition.

By adding adequate space and designing the perfect layout, your home becomes more functional, but adding amenities like a walk-in shower, dual vanities, heated flooring, plenty of storage, and upgraded fixtures can add immense value and make your master bathroom a place you long to escape to.

3. Lack of Bedrooms

As your family grows, you often need more bedrooms to accommodate everyone. Having a spare guest room is another luxury that many homes lack. But spare bedrooms only come through additional home space.

A rear two-story home addition is the perfect way to give your home the extra space required to house much-needed bedrooms. Building out and up can help maximize the space in your home while making an addition look seamless with the existing structure.

4. Outdated/Old Homes

Pittsburgh homes are often historic. While their history brings charm and character to neighborhoods, it can also bring outdated features like plumbing, electrical, and more. One of the biggest parts of a renovation is ensuring that the foundational aspects of your home are in their best shape.

Invest in the base of your home. Put the money into creating a solid foundation for any renovation or home addition solution, and your home will look and perform its best.

5. More Family Space

Having a space for the family to hang out is not always a luxury that Pittsburgh homes afford homeowners. While your home may have a living room, an additional family room provides a multi-functional space for hanging out. If your home already has a family room but it is too small to be functional, you can increase square footage through a rear home addition.

Why a Rear Two-Story Home Addition Is the Perfect Solution for Your Home

Your Pittsburgh home may face one or more of the issues above. And when space is the biggest issue in your Pittsburgh home, a rear two-story home addition can be the best solution for your woes.

You don’t have to move.

Moving is a hassle and can be expensive; not to mention, you have to leave the home you love when you move. A home addition keeps you where you want to be while giving you the home you desire.

Additions make a home practical

Additions add much needed space. When the overall size of a home or the square footage of a single room does not meet your needs, a room addition or two-story addition can bring added practicality to your home.

A rear two-story home addition maximizes space.

When you need additional square footage overall, a two-story addition will keep you from intruding too much into your yard space. Building up adds square footage without having to expand out.

It allows you to solve more than one square footage problem.

You can increase the space in your kitchen while adding more family/living room space in your downstairs and provide you with new room for bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs.

You increase your home’s value.

Adding square footage adds value to your home. Creating a home addition, especially a two-story addition, will make your property value rise while also resolving functionality issues.

You get the home you want.

When you move into a new home, although it may fulfill more of your needs, you will still have to compromise on certain home aspects. With a rear two-story home addition, you have the ability to curate your home to exactly what you want it to be. No compromising.

Alleviate Your Home’s Problems Today

If any of these problems plague your Pittsburgh home, then our team can help. At Action Builders, we specialize in rear two-story home additions to help bring the perfect solution to the home you love. You don’t have to live frustrated with your home. Enjoy every minute of your home life with any of our expert rear two-story home addition designs.

Schedule a consultation with our team to see how we can transform your home.