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Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love

Do you dream about having a beautiful, spacious kitchen with stunning features that look straight out of a magazine? If so, kitchen remodeling may be your ideal home improvement project. 

You may be surprised to discover kitchen remodeling has a great return on investment—52.2% in Pittsburgh, to be exact. When you invest in a luxurious kitchen, you’ll enjoy modern features, high-tech appliances, and a spacious layout, but you can rest assured you’re also making a wise financial decision.

Luxury Ideas You’ll Love for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re ready to invest in a kitchen remodel but you’re unsure where to start, get some inspiration from these luxury kitchen remodeling ideas:

1. Statement Island

Although many kitchen spaces already have a kitchen island—one of the best ways to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen is to get creative with this countertop space. 

For example, instead of a square or rectangular island, you can experiment with another shape, like a “v-shaped” or “u-shaped” island. Beyond their eye-catching appearance, large kitchen islands can solve many common kitchen problems by providing more storage cabinets, extra seating space, and more functional cooking space.

2. Luxury Surfaces

We hate to break it to you, but the days of ceramic tile and laminate countertops are long gone. Instead, using natural stone surfaces⎯like granite, quartz, and marble⎯for your kitchen countertops is not only trendy, but also an excellent investment. 

Natural stone is durable, so it will stay in great shape even when you’re chopping, slicing, and dicing. Plus, when it’s time to sell your home, natural stone countertops are a huge selling point for prospective homeowners.

3. Comfortable Seating

Whether you love to entertain guests or spend time with your family in the kitchen while cooking, you should invest in comfortable seating areas within your kitchen space.

For example, you can add a cozy breakfast nook with booth seating under a window where your family can drink coffee in the morning before work or school. If you don’t have enough space for a built-in addition, consider extending your kitchen island to create a “dining ledge” where your family can enjoy meals without impeding your cooking space.

4. Enhanced Lighting

If any room in your home needs plenty of lighting, it’s your kitchen! You can improve your kitchen’s lighting in two ways—with windows or light fixtures. 

Windows enhance your kitchen’s natural lighting, making the room feel bigger, brighter, and more spacious. They can also boost your mood, improve ventilation, and reduce eye strain. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to incorporate windows into your kitchen design. You can add awning windows above your kitchen sink, bay windows to create a cozy breakfast nook, or even window backsplashes for a design element that’s eye-catching, yet practical. 

Even with enhanced natural lighting, your home will still need artificial lighting, so it’s wise to select sophisticated light fixtures that enhance your kitchen. Matte black and metallic light fixtures are trendy for luxury kitchens. Plus, kitchen remodeling is the ideal time to switch to energy-efficient LEDs—you’ll reduce your energy consumption and save on your utility bills.

5. Modern Appliances

Smart devices and appliances can make cooking, cleaning, and meal preparation so much easier—but they can also enhance the safety and efficiency of your kitchen. 

For example, smart ovens can be controlled from your phone, so you can preheat the oven while you’re heading home from work, and you’ll never have to worry about turning it off when you leave the house. Smart faucets can be activated by waving your hand, so you won’t ever be wasting water by leaving the tap running when your hands are full while cooking.

6. Spacious Layout

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your kitchen feel more luxurious—knock down any walls between your kitchen and living space to create an open layout. 

Connecting your kitchen with your living space will not only make your kitchen larger but will make the area feel brighter and more welcoming. You can seamlessly blend your living room design elements into your kitchen and add other practical features to fill the space, like a desk, wine bar, or coffee station.

7. Wood Cabinets

Custom wood cabinets are one of the best ways to make your kitchen feel more and luxurious. Of course, you can choose a top-quality wood, like maple, to ensure your cabinets are both sturdy and stylish—but the customizability doesn’t end there!

Instead of standard-sized cabinets, you can create cabinets of all shapes and sizes to accommodate your unique needs. For example, you can install a long, sliding cabinet near your oven to store your cooking sheets and baking tins. Or you can install a special pull-out bin for recycling, trash, and compost. You can even build organizers in your drawers for your cooking and dining utensils. The options are endless!

Customize Your Kitchen Remodel

Take your kitchen remodel a step further by having a professional custom-design it just for you.

  • Control—Your kitchen will be uniquely tailored to your style and personality.
  • Customizability—You can incorporate innovative storage solutions, eco-friendly materials, or modern kitchenware into your kitchen that meets your needs and matches your values.
  • Quality—Custom cabinets, countertops, and other design elements are handmade, so you know the quality is top-notch.

Learn more about the benefits of customizing your remodeling project in our homeowner’s guide to interior remodeling.

Create the Contemporary Kitchen of Your Dreams with Action Builders

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