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7 Benefits of a Bathroom Addition for Your Pittsburgh Home

Without the right number of bathrooms in your home, mornings can become chaotic. That’s one of the reasons a bathroom addition is so popular, particularly for families. 

Do you have a growing family with children who need their own designated space? Or do you find yourself hosting guests often, yet there is no bathroom in proximity to your guest bedroom? Are you planning on taking in your aging parents, or do you want to start earning extra cash by starting an in-home business by renting out a bed and bath to others? There are many incentives for adding another bathroom to your home

Here are some that could enhance your home and lifestyle: 

Advantages of a Bathroom Addition

Take a moment to dream of some of the many benefits of a bathroom addition in your home including: 

1. Bring greater harmony to your everyday life

An adequate number of bathrooms makes for peace each day as you and your family get ready to launch out and conquer what the day entails. When children, teens, and parents all have their own space in which to prepare for the day, it streamlines your efficiency and creates the best possible opportunity for harmony in your home. 

2. Experiment with refreshing new designs and décor

If you’ve fallen in love with some of the new trends and you want to enjoy them in your home, a bathroom addition is an ideal location to indulge in a bite-sized space. Perhaps you’d like to enjoy the clean lines of a floating vanity or a soaking tub. Maybe smart appliances like a lighted mirror with a voice-activated integrated stereo sound system would help you start your day with delight. Or, imagine how beginning the day surrounded by sleek subway tile or mosaic tiles, heated flooring, and a luxury showerhead will put you in the right mindset to start the day. 

3. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase your property value

While both bathroom renovations and additions boost the value of a home, the addition of a full bathroom increases resale value more than a bathroom renovation does. So, realize your return on investment can be a great incentive to add another bathroom to your home. 

4. Provide accessibility to a bathroom from a bedroom (other than the master)

One thoughtful reason to add a bathroom to your home is to create a more accessible bath for one of the bedrooms. This en-suite bathroom (a bathroom adjacent to a bedroom) gives family or guests convenience and added safety. It eliminates the need to leave the bedroom area and navigate a hallway or path to the nearest bathroom in the house during the night. This trendy idea will turn your guest bedroom into a suite that people can enjoy even more. 

5. Take care of your guests with ease

Being equipped to provide a relaxing place for your family and friends to enjoy overnight in your home is a generous expression of hospitality that they appreciate, and adding a bathroom near the room in which your guests stay is a great way to welcome them. 

6. Make room for your growing family

You can make space for your family as you have more children or as your children mature so they can have their own area to prepare for the day. 

7. Incorporate accessibility features 

The thoughtfulness of creating an accessible bathroom (with a universal design) is tremendous. While you may not have the need for it at the moment, realize you may have family or friends who may appreciate that someday. Incorporating a bathroom addition on the first floor of your home with features that accommodate individuals with limited mobility adds a considerate touch to your home. A non-slip floor, walk-in shower, handrails in the shower and near the commode, hands-free faucet, motion sensor lights, a raised toilet, a shower seat, a sink without a cabinet under it, and a widened doorway are all helpful features for those with limited mobility. 

The Value of a Bathroom Addition vs. Remodeling an Existing Bathroom 

Are you debating between a bathroom addition and remodeling an existing bath? Evaluate the current functionality of your bathrooms. 

  • If someone in the family has to wait for another person to finish up in the bathroom, then you likely need more bathrooms, not just a renovation. 
  • If you don’t have a functional bathroom for dinner guests to use, you can benefit from an additional bathroom. 

Add a Beautiful New Bathroom to Your Pittsburgh Home 

You deserve to live in the home of your dreams, and we’re here to help you accomplish that. 

At Action Builders, we’re a one-stop design-build contractor with architectural, engineering, permits, and construction services. We take time to listen to your dreams and guide you through the design process
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