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Advantages of Dormer Additions for Your Pittsburgh Home

Does your home feel outdated and cramped? Adding dormers can be the perfect solution, providing added space, optimal function, and eye-catching curb appeal to your Pittsburgh area home. 

Dormers refresh the look of your home from the outside, as well as expand your indoor living space. And you can use the space in a whole new way! It may become a cozy reading nook or an additional bedroom for your growing family. 

Discover how you can enhance the character and visual interest of your home’s looks with attractive dormer additions with us at Action Builders!

Get Add Beauty, Architectural Design, and Curb Appeal with a Dormer Addition

A dormer projects out from the plane of a sloped roof, and usually includes a window. The dormer structure has its own roof, siding, and gutters, and complements your home’s existing features. The word “dormer” comes from “dormitory,” meaning “a place for sleeping.” They are often used to convert attic spaces into bedrooms, yet they can serve a host of other functions—like added bathroom space, a game room, or even a home office

There are many benefits to adding a dormer to your home. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Bring natural light into your home

Natural light boosts the moods of all who enter your home, so adding it can lift the atmosphere throughout the year. When you choose dormer additions, you’re likely adding a window to each dormer, ushering in more sunshine to your home each day. And there’s nothing more cheerful than natural light teeming into your space

2. Ventilate your home 

When it comes to dormer windows, you can choose either fixed windows or windows that open to ventilate your home. Ventilation makes a home healthier and more inviting, escorting in fresh breezes throughout the year. 

3. Create more useable space

Adding a dormer is a great way to add extra space to your home. A dormer will either increase the ceiling height in a room or add more square footage. The sky is the limit on what you can assign the extra space to be, such as a game room, bedroom, loft, office, and more. 

4. Add architectural interest

Dormers complement your home’s architectural design and add visual interest to your home’s curb appeal. They help add height to homes that are more horizontal. And they complement a wide variety of architectural styles including Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne Victorian, and more. 

5. Boost your home’s protection

Dormers can work as emergency exits in case of a fire, giving you greater opportunity to get to safety should you need to. 

Things to Consider before Adding a Dormer

Discover what type of dormer addition is ideal for your current home.

Consider the design, size, and proportion of your current roof, and if you have a specific design or sizing preference, you will love custom-built dormers. However, if your home has a simple roofline, and you desire a standard dormer size and style, prefabricated dormers are an option. 

Recognize all roofing systems aren’t compatible for dormer additions. 

Contact a professional contractor (like us!) and find out if your roofing system will work with a dormer addition. Ask if you will need to install added structural framing to support new dormers.

Explore the different types of dormer additions.

Dormers come in a variety of styles: Gable, Hipped roof, Flat roof, Shed, Wall, False dormer (only visible from the outside), and Eyebrow dormers. The shape and structure of your current roof will determine your dormer style. 

Know the cost range of dormer additions.

There are a variety of factors that impact the overall cost of a dormer addition: material, window size, and siding. Depending on the size of the dormer you desire to install, they can range from $2,500 to $20,000, so it’s important that you get a written estimate

Discover the reasons dormers require professional installation. 

Dormer additions involve altering structural components and installing watertight seals to protect your home from costly moisture intrusion. If these tasks are not done properly, the result can be unsafe living conditions and expensive repairs over time. Consequently, dormer additions are not DIY projects. They require the expertise of trained, experienced professionals so you get the best long-term solution for your needs with optimal performance and aesthetics for your home. 

Stunning Dormer Additions for Your Pittsburgh Area Home

Looking for the versatility and value dormer additions deliver? At Action Builders, we simplify the home addition process. How? We’re a one-stop shop for your architectural, engineering, permits, and construction needs. Our design and build process places a heavy emphasis on planning before building, bringing time-saving organization to your project. 

Take a moment to dream about how a stunning dormer addition can enhance your home’s curb appeal and your lifestyle. Learn more about our home addition services.