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Kitchen Remodel and Addition in McCandless, PA

Project Scope

Creating An Open, Inviting Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel

A Home in Need of Connected Entertaining Spaces

The homeowners felt dissatisfied with an aging, closed-off kitchen and lack of dining room space in their McCandless home. They wanted an open feel without losing their charming sunroom, and needed creative ideas to fit their budget. They wanted a streamlined, cost-efficient kitchen remodel by one company, rather than having to hire an architect separately from their remodeling contractor.

Enter Action Builders!

Creative Remodeling Solutions

Strategic Design-Build Approach

The homeowners didn’t want to hire a separate architect.

As a design builder, Action Builders combined their design and construction skills in-house to save time and money.

Our design-build team provided a holistic remodel with one point of contact, making the renovation process simple.

Thoughtful Planning

Renovations needed to meet property line restrictions and maintain the sunroom.

Our team listened carefully, provided clear options, and made adjustments quickly as needed.

Results: The homeowners met their property requirements, and the remodel came in under budget.

Open Kitchen

The kitchen lacked a connected feel with other areas of the home.

We created an open design that works well with the main floor’s structure.

The kitchen/dining room has an open flow that doesn’t impede the sunroom.

Cohesive Look

The homeowners wanted their home addition to blend with existing exterior features.

We suggested coordinated paint colors for the whole home exterior.

The new home exterior paint creates unified, eye-catching curb appeal.




A Beautiful Transformation with Future Expansion Opportunities

The homeowners love their lovely, open kitchen and dining area that blends seamlessly with their sunroom and the rest of their home. The streamlined ease of working with our design-build company provided such a positive experience that the homeowners are already considering their next phase of renovations, including a new family room and upgraded basement.

Is your home in need of creative solutions that provide new possibilities for your home lifestyle? Why not dream a little—and see how Action Builders can transform your home.


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