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Uniting Space and Style With A Home Transformation in Sewickley, PA


We had the incredible opportunity to assist a homeowner in Sewickley, PA, in turning their two-story brick colonial into a spacious and harmonious family retreat. Our client faced several obstacles that hindered the flow and functionality of their space. Each room felt disconnected, the floor plan lacked cohesion, and the previous owner’s questionable renovations only compounded the confusion. Moreover, the master bathroom, closets, and upstairs hall bathroom were in desperate need of reconfiguration and renovation.

Design-Build Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Vision

Upon purchasing their new home, our clients sought our expertise to help them find the best options for maximizing their space and creating a more unified living environment. We worked closely with them, meticulously exploring different design possibilities before they even moved in, ensuring that their vision aligned perfectly with our expertise.

The homeowner’s choice to entrust us with their project stemmed from our comprehensive design-build approach. We offered a seamless start-to-finish service, taking care of every aspect of their renovation journey. From assisting them in developing the optimal floor plan design to collaborating on selecting finishes that would create a cohesive and timeless look, our commitment to crafting a personalized and stress-free experience won them over.

Transforming Room Flow and Floor Plan

Our team embarked on this transformative project with enthusiasm and dedication. Here are some of the services we did:

  1. Impressive Kitchen Layout: We created an awe-inspiring kitchen design that included the addition of a window, resulting in a symmetrical look around the range hood. Our meticulous attention to detail ensured a flawlessly matched brick integration.
  2. Expert Structural Engineering: The main level reconfiguration demanded astute structural engineering, and we were up to the challenge. Our expertise ensured that the transformation not only improved the layout but was also structurally robust and secure.
  3. HVAC Duct Reconfiguration: We addressed the previous owner’s misguided HVAC ductwork, meticulously reconfiguring it to enhance efficiency and functionality.
  4. Precise Flooring Solutions: We successfully sourced and matched hardwood floors that were challenging to find due to their unique width, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing flooring.
  5. Artful Tile Designs: Our team expertly crafted custom tile cutouts for niche shelves in the showers, adding both functionality and elegance. The timeless tile designs perfectly complemented the traditional colonial style.

Creating a Classic and Livable Home

Our design choices for this project centered around the goal of achieving a timeless aesthetic that would stand the test of time. We intentionally avoided fleeting trends, focusing instead on ensuring that every element exudes classic style and sophistication. The result? A functional, open-concept family living space that will require minimal changes for years to come. This was especially crucial for the young family who recently welcomed a new addition to their household, allowing them to settle into their new home comfortably.

Customer Satisfaction

During the construction phase, the homeowners were expecting a baby and made the decision to temporarily move out of the house. We understand the stress that comes with renovations, especially in the midst of major life events. Despite the compressed timeline and the flurry of activity leading up to their move-in date, we worked diligently to meet their needs and ensure a smooth transition. While some final touches were completed by our punch list crews after their move-in, we ultimately gave them their fully transformed home shortly after settling in.

At Action Builders, we’re more than just renovators; we’re dedicated partners in creating your dream space. Let us show you how our expertise, commitment to collaboration, and timeless style can turn your house into the home you’ve always envisioned. Contact us today to take the next step in your renovation journey.


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