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Load-Bearing Walls

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Moving or Removing Load-Bearing Walls

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Load-Bearing Wall Challenges During the Home Renovation Process

As much as you love your home, there may come a time when you find that the current layout no longer functions for your family. It’s frustrating when you don’t want to leave your home, but you don’t know how to create the space you desire.

Some of your challenges might include:

  • Small dark, rooms
  • A cramped living area
  • A less than functional kitchen
  • A master bedroom and bathroom needing updated
  • Two rooms that need to be joined to create an open floor plan

After you have reached out to a contractor to expand or remodel your home, they may come up against a load-bearing wall that will require removal or moving. You’ve probably been told that such a project is impossible. Most contractors won’t take on this type of endeavor. A load-bearing wall supports the weight of the floor or roof structure above it. So how can you tell if a wall is load-bearing?

It is probably load-bearing if:

  • It’s perpendicular to your basement or attic joists
  • It’s directly connected to the foundation of your house
  • It has posts, supports, or other walls directly above it

Load Bearing Wall Removal | Pittsburgh

Action Builders Provides Home Renovation Solutions for Load-Bearing Walls

Contrary to what you might have been told, it is possible to remove a load-bearing wall with the help of an experienced contractor. At Action Builders, we are experts at removing load-bearing walls as part of a remodeling or home addition project, without compromising the structural integrity of your home. We can help achieve an open concept room with a flush beam to maximize your view without posts or drop beams in the line of sight. While other contractors shy away from these challenges, it is our specialty niche!

Load bearing wall was removed to create an open floor plan in this kitchen 

Action Builders removed a load-bearing dining room wall to create an open kitchen floor plan for this client

Here are some ways we can improve your home by removing a load-bearing wall:

Regardless of what changes you seek, Action Builders can provide a solution. After employing a thorough consultation process, we will create a plan that falls within your budget, maintains the structural integrity of your home, and gives you the home of your dreams. Schedule a free consultation today!

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