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Relocating and Adding Stairways

Action Builders will relocate your stairs to help enhance your home. We can make it happen in your space easier than you think!

Going Up or Coming Down – Relocating and Adding Stairways

Timeline: Varies by project

Space Increase: Varies by project

Renovations: 2nd story home addition; kitchen remodel; whole home remodel; basement remodel

Areas: All of our service areas including Mt. Lebanon, USC, South Hills, North Hills, Sewickley, Squirrel Hill, Mt. Washington

Reasons to relocate your stairway

If you’ve ever dreamed of remodeling your home, you probably never thought your stairs could be relocated. With a larger scale remodeling project, relocating or adding stairs can help you fully realize your dream home.

Some reasons you might want to relocate your stairs:

  • They are part of an awkward layout
  • They are in the way and disrupt the flow of your home
  • They can create a more stylistic home

Steps and solutions to relocating and adding a new stairway

If you are looking to do a smaller-scale remodel, you may just want to give your stairway a fresh and updated look. Some new handrails or newel posts can help to completely transform your home and give the space a brand new feel.

For larger-scale remodels or home additions, there are several steps we use to move or add a staircase to your home:

  • New location — We design and see how this new or redesigned stairway will fit with your dream home plans.
  • Stairway opening — Our professionals use their knowledge and expertise to carefully secure the joists before cutting into the space for your new stairwell.
  • Build a temporary wall — It’s important to make sure the staircase load is spread evenly among all the joists so that it can be successfully and safely installed.
  • Make a new staircase wall — This will take the place of the temporary wall. In some cases, the temporary wall becomes your new staircase wall. In either case, we make sure the wall is safe. This is when we add all the accessories and make the staircase fit into the space to look like it’s always been there.
  • Rework your old staircase space — We remove the old staircase, then add battens and material to cover up the old space and make it look part of the aesthetic.

It’s a lot of work, but Action Builders can do all of this in less time than you think. On average, we finish most jobs ahead of schedule. In addition, we take the time to talk to you and find out your plans for the space to help make your dream home a reality. We do it all, from consultation and design to getting the permits and cleaning up, so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy your new space when it’s done. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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