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5 Variables that Impact the Cost of Your Master Bedroom and Bathroom Addition

5 Variables that Impact the Cost of Your Master Bedroom and Bathroom Addition

If your family is outgrowing your home, you might be considering a master bedroom and bathroom addition. Master bedroom en suites are an excellent investment—they boost your home’s resale value, add extra space to your home, and often include luxury amenities you and your spouse can enjoy. While thinking about the potential for your beautiful,…

Remodeling Solutions to Convert Small Areas into Functional Office and Desk Spaces

Remodel To Convert Small Areas Into Functional Spaces

With nearly 45% of the population working from home and over 90% of children utilizing some form of distance learning, the demand for home office and desk spaces is higher than ever before. Don’t think you have space for a home office? You might be surprised. Fortunately, with Action Builders, dozens of innovative solutions are […]

Build Up vs. Build Out: Which Is Best for My Home Addition?

Is It Better To Build Up Or Build Out Your Home Addition

You have two options when investing in a beautiful, spacious home addition: building up or building out. As you consider each option, you might feel intimidated by the home addition process or worried that you will make the wrong choice. At Action Builders, we understand that you want to make the best decision when adding […]

What to Expect During the Construction Phase of a Design-Build Home Addition


You’ve created a plan, developed a design, hired a team, and signed the contracts—and now, it’s finally time to begin the construction phase of your design-build home addition! It’s exciting to watch the vision for your home come to life. But there is also a lot of work that goes into construction for both you […]

Top Features to Add Value to Your Pittsburgh Cape Cod Home Remodel

Add Value To Your Cape Cod Home Remodel

Remodeling your home can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. With a growing number of products, styles, and popular trends to choose from for your Cape Cod home remodel, it can be challenging to determine which features will add the most value to your home. No matter your budget or style, the following nine […]

Home Addition Timeline From Start To Finish

Home Addition Timeline

If you are considering a home addition or renovation, we know you are excited to add beauty and functionality to the home you love. We also know you might have questions about how long your home addition will take to build. At Action Builders, we understand how overwhelming a home addition can be for you…