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Rear Two-Story Home Addition And Renovation

When your home is too small for your family’s needs, Action Builders can give you the space you desire with an expertly built rear two-story home addition.

Rear Two-Story Home Addition and Renovation Projects

Timeline: 3 – 6 months

Space Increase: 1st Floor – 500 sq feet
2nd Story Addition – 1000 sq feet

Renovations: First Floor Renovation, Second Story Addition, Large Kitchen & Great Room, New Second-Story Master Suite, Hall Bath Renovation

Areas: Mt. Lebanon, USC, South Hills, North Hills, Sewickley, Squirrel Hill, Mt. Washington

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Home Addition Design Challenges

Whether it’s too small or has an inefficient floor plan, a home that doesn’t meet your needs anymore is frustrating. You might find that you need:

  • An updated kitchen
  • More bedrooms
  • Another bathroom
  • A larger family room
  • A patio or deck
  • A combination of these

However, the process of making these solutions a reality can be intimidating and overwhelming. Do you adapt and make do? Do you move away from the neighborhood you love?

Action Builders has the answer. For over 30 years, we have helped hundreds of homeowners get the most out of their beloved Pennsylvania homes with functional rear two-story home additions.

We understand the challenges of a home that no longer fits you, and we make the process of building a home addition easy for overwhelmed homeowners.

The Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Company

Wondering if it’s better to hire a Design-Build Company or an architect? Action Builders follows the Design-Build model, and here’s how that benefits your home addition project.

1 | Budget-Friendly Design

Create a beautiful space that works within your budget and lifestyle needs.

2 | Sound Structural Design

Integrate the style of your home in your addition while retaining sound structure.

3 | Streamlined Process

From design drawings through construction, keep everyone on the same page.

4 | Save Time & Money

Avoid redesigning by keeping your designer, engineer, and contractor all in one place.

5 | High-Quality Craftsmanship

Have the freedom to make changes as needed so your new space fits your lifestyle.

6 | 5-Year Workmanship Warranty!

Confidently backing our services, we offer a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty that stands unmatched by any competitor.

Home Addition Renovation Solutions

The right home addition can solve all of your square footage woes. As your local home addition contractor, Action Builders evaluates your home and works with you to design an addition that meets your needs and complements your home.

Rear two-story home additions are especially popular for expanding your home on both floors. When Action Builders build you a rear two-story home addition, we give you more usable square footage that is attractive and structurally sound. A home addition can:

  • Expand close quarters
  • Provide more functional space
  • Modernize your home
  • Make entertaining possible
  • Allow you to stay in your beloved home
  • Generate income from rented space
  • Accommodate guests or new family members

Action Builders can build a home addition for every style of home. Our crew excels at making every aspect of the home addition process easy for you. Our timeline from the initial consultation to completion is half that of some of our competitors, while our quality workmanship can’t be beat and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Our clients love the difference their rear two-story home additions make in their enjoyment of their homes. If you want a stress-free home addition, schedule a consultation today and let us give you the space you need to live with an exceptional home addition.

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